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Windows 8 makes its debut in The Maldives at Microsoft Technology Roadshow 2012

A showcase of game changing technologies reshaping enterprise and personal computing

Microsoft Technology Roadshow, an event to showcase the latest in technological innovations that’s sweeping the world, was used as the platform on which the company launched the all new Windows 8 experience in Maldives, amidst a gathering of customers, partners, and developers on 31st October 2012. To mark the Windows 8 launch in the Maldives the first two copies of Windows 8 were ceremoniously presented to Mr. Mohamed Shareef, CIO of the National Centre for Information Technology in Maldives, the governing body on IT adoption across public sector entities in the Maldives and to The Bank of Maldives, the first Enterprise Agreement customer of Microsoft in the Maldives.

At the event Partners and customers had the opportunity to get first-hand experience of the touch and feel of the latest update to the Windows Operating System for the first time in Maldives, as well as to introduce the ‘cool’ new touch enabled devices to the market.

Amith Pawar, Enterprise Technology Strategist, Devices & Cloud, Asia Timezone Microsoft who did a live demonstration of Windows 8, emphasized on the enterprise ready aspects of the latest OS, speaking about Windows 8 said “Within 15 seconds Windows 8 can go from a cold start to a full blown OS. There is no compromise between the device you would like to use and have to use. Windows 8 Consolidate devices and the way Microsoft operates on them. We have done that without compromising anything, always allowing it to be user friendly. There are over 420 million devices worldwide, which supports Windows 8 and there is no need for these devices to be replaced with new ones. Windows 8 has the capability to share between multiple users, using biometric passwords, picture pass words or a card.”

He explained how Windows 8 allows the user to customize and manage the system according to their individual needs. “A user can carry his system on a thumb drive and boot it in another PC so that he doesn’t have to be inconvenienced with carrying his PC around; enabled via ‘Windows To Go’ a latest addition that’s taking the enterprise space by storm.”

The new operating system also features Internet Explorer 10 optimized for touch and built in cloud capabilities with SkyDrive. With Windows 8 Microsoft expects to bring computing closer to each individual’s lifestyle be they general consumers or businesses, providing a seamless experience across devices.

The event also provided an occasion for Maldivian customers to familiarize themselves with the other Microsoft technologies such as Windows Server, Microsoft Lync, SharePoint and SQL Server 2012 that are redefining the management and delivery of IT services in the enterprise. Prominent resource personnel demonstrated how the new technological tools and applications continue to deliver optimum business value for organizations and a unique computing experience for individuals and IT managers. The day’s session was to create awareness for the products that we are going to be launching in 2013 and bring all the CIO's, Heads of IT divisions and key IT decision makers of various companies into one room and to communicate our vision for the future.

Gayan Pieris, Enterprise Technology Strategist, Customer Advocacy & Technology Management, Asia Timezone, Microsoft who addressed the event on Business Productivity said "There is so much that businesses can gain from what we showcased today. What we did today was evangelizing, talking to partners and customers about what we offer now and what we will offer in 2013 and how it benefits them. It is very exciting to see the consumer side of things come to enterprise".

During the event, participants also had an insight into the way Windows 8 boosts the app developer community. The focus Windows 8 gives on apps is remarkable creating seamless opportunities and boundless experiences for app developers. With slight modifications, developers can create apps on desktops, windows phones and gaming devices and therefore it offers a high compatibility.

The Technology Roadshow was also provided an opportunity for the participants to interact with the speakers and network with them for further insights in to the topics discussed. It provided the IT decision makers who were present an opening to express and clarify their business expectations from the tools they use to support the highly collaborative, mobile, and virtualized work styles that are the norm in today's workplace. The event was designed to take Maldivian IT professionals and administrators on a journey to help them look beyond the traditional IT environment and seek better business returns with technologies that’s reshaping the global IT industry.

First copy of Windows 8 was presented to Mr. Mohamed Shareef, CIO of the National Centre for Information Technology in Maldives by Sharada Kirinde, 
                                Director Public Sector of Microsoft Sri Lanka

First copy of Windows 8 was presented to Mr. Mohamed Shareef, CIO of the National Centre for Information Technology in Maldives by Sharada Kirinde, Director Public Sector of Microsoft Sri Lanka.