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Microimage and Microsoft: A Dynamic Partnership with Far Reaching Results

Partnership gains momentum as national Year of ICT gets underway

Colombo, Sri Lanka, 10th May 2009: Driven by a vision to be the “leading R&D company delivering innovative technology and software solutions for home, office and mobile users,” Microimage (Pvt) Ltd. offers innovative enterprise software solutions that are revolutionizing the way corporate Sri Lanka does business. The recipient of several local and international awards, Microimage is an innovative software research and development company in the areas of Human Capital Management Solutions, Enterprise Solutions for Broadcasting Industry, Mobile Applications and e-Inclusion.

A key partner in the company’s success is Microsoft Sri Lanka. An accredited Microsoft Certified Partner, Microimage uses Microsoft technology because of the versatility and adaptability it offers. Microimage’s product development is deployed on Microsoft platforms, enabling the company’s development and technical resources to be aligned with organizational competencies, where the company’s technological scope has been further expanded to embrace the new Microsoft focus on tools for web-enabled business applications. This partner programme provides further value in terms of in-house licensing of products, the ability to experience upcoming beta releases and other Microsoft technologies, and provision of valuable marketing material and partner directory for greater visibility. A much appreciated and additional facet of the partnership is the recognition and esteem received in the marketplace when delivering advance enterprise solutions.

“From the inception we placed our trust in Microsoft tools to position our products as it is the #1 platform to launch commercial products due to Microsoft’s global market share. Our internal resources are aligned 100% with Microsoft technologies and our people are well versed and highly competent with Microsoft products. Furthermore, we have access to vast resources such as SDK’s / MSDN and so on through the Microsoft partner program.” says Mr. Harsha Purasinghe, Chief Executive Officer, Microimage.

Microimage operates two independent entities: Microimage and Microimage Mobile Media. Microimage is an Enterprise Business Solutions provider with their main focus being Human Capital Management Solutions, whereas their new subsidiary, Microimage Mobile Media, focuses on products and solutions for Mobile Media Convergence.

Managing Human Capital

Microimage provides a comprehensive range of products for people driven business. Its Human Capital Management (HCM) products enable organizations to manage their key asset: their employees, as its range of HCM components offer the required functionality for operational and strategic human capital management.

Microimage’s solutions offer a multitude of HR benefits for organizations including decentralization of information with real-time availability; Central Knowledge Base for realizing comprehensive employees profiles; aligning employees with company business goals and objectives; continuously improving employee performance; planning and attracting the right talent; designing, developing and executing correct employee development plans; assessing employee competencies and much more. Its comprehensive range of services includes Customized HCM Solutions Development, HCM Consultancy, HCM Solutions Implementation and Data Migration Support Services. The organization is also a leading provider of a range of data capture hardware devices which range from barcode, proximity readers to advanced biometric scanners.

As Human Resource Management takes on greater importance across organizations regardless of their size, the need for HCM solutions for small, medium and large enterprises have become mandatory. Microimage HCM has a modular web-based architecture that incorporates global best practices in HR, while providing a comprehensive full-featured module from recruitment to retirement. Other value added features of this product include the capacity to extend the platform to mobile by introducing Mobile Self-Service as well as an innovative single portal framework. The option of a multi channel self-service with multilingual KIOSK application and Integrated Business Intelligence are value additions that enhance a clients’ business.

Enhancing Communication

Apart from the mobile domain, Microimage provides cutting-edge software for the media industry and two of Sri Lanka’s media giants already use Microimage broadcasting automation software.

The Microimage mStudio is a Comprehensive Radio Automation Solution that offers feature-rich modules coupled with value added modules for radio station management and play out automation. Pushing Sri Lanka’s broadcasting to a whole new level, mStudio will benefit broadcasting companies in a myriad number of ways; the reduced cost of media storage, reduction of time spent on scheduling and library maintenance and the prevention of mechanical issues facilitated through mStudio moves the bulk of the focus off of these areas, leaving room for enhancements and increased concentration on creativity, aiding improvement in terms of entertainment, quality, listenership and audience retention.

The Microimage vStation is a Digital Video Broadcast Solution that offers live 3G/Broadband caller support and multi layer video rendering packed into one innovative play out console consisting of modules for content programming and commercial traffic management. The next evolution in both mobile and broadcasting technology, the vStation will allow telecos to converge with media broadcasting houses through the use of 3G caller support. Providing added versatility and revenue to both parties, the vStation will also take off the bulk of time spent by the media on technical aspects, leaving greater resources available for creativity and concentration on enhancing viewer experiences.

With these products Microimage Mobile Media has become Sri Lanka’s only broadcast automation software provider for both Radio/TV/Video and digital content broadcast automation. In addition, the company’s mobile media convergence products offer a unique value proposition to media houses and mobile operators.

Making a Difference

The company’s pursuit of innovation and path-breaking technologies is reflected in the Disaster and Early Warning Network (DEWN), the world’s first GSM-based comprehensive early warning solution. In the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami and several high intensity earthquakes that wreaked unimaginable havoc and destruction, this early warning system could potentially save thousands of lives and minimize loss of assets as well. As the world’s first GSM-based multi-mode early warning solution, it offers the use of cell broadcast, CAP protocol and sports a unique locally engineered Alarm Box. Dialog Telekom spearheaded this initiative with technological R&D provided by Microimage and the Dialog UoM Research Lab. This initiative enabled the Microimage team to jump start their corporate social responsibility vision into action. “We are very proud to have been an integral part of such an invaluable project” says Mr. Purasinghe. “Being a part of something that serves the entire nation and offers such global scope and adaptability has been a tremendous and rewarding experience”

Mr. Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne, Country Manager, Microsoft Sri Lanka, commented on the partnership saying, “Microsoft is delighted to be associated with an innovative and dynamic partner such as Microimage - a forward thinking company that has developed products using Microsoft tools and technologies to emerge with award-winning innovative products and solutions. We are proud to be able to support the level of success they have achieved at both local and international levels. Microimage’s innovations are valued not only because they have embraced Microsoft’s expertise, but because it is the one organisation that has matched our unwavering focus on ‘language localisation’ over the years, thus going a long way in bridging the digital divide that exists between the urban and rural areas in the country. Furthermore, we take a very special, personal pride that Microimage’s success demonstrates the fact that early adaptors of Microsoft tools and technologies are better able to access cutting edge technologies to deliver quality products and solutions to their partners.”

Designs and Development

Microimage’s use of development technologies include MS tools used in design and development, as well as in the platform and the database. The company further employs Visual Studio (C#, C++, ASP.NET), Microsoft DirectX and Microsoft SQL Server in its solutions for greater scalability.

There are a multitude of user friendly features of Visual Studio, such as its Integration features and the overall stability of the database engine. Clients especially favour the easy scalability features of the database, and the resources and knowledge base (MSDN) available for required technologies. Microimage also offers a clear product road map with timely product upgrades to fulfil future technological challenges faced by companies. Furthermore, the rich collaborative features of Visual Studio enables Microimage’s development team to work in tandem with its clients toward a win-win equation.

The partnership between Microimage and Microsoft Sri Lanka is indeed a complimentary one as both companies work towards the goal of implementing and developing technologies with a view to bringing local businesses to international standards, thus making them competitive in the global arena. The far reaching effects of their combined efforts are especially significant in this year, the national Year of ICT in Sri Lanka, as their partnership is clearly one that is forged with the country’s visionary national goals in mind.


All credit goes to Microimage for introducing the world’s first complete messaging technologies for mobiles using local languages. The product "mobile messaging solution for emerging markets" enables sending Short Message Service(s) (SMS) in local languages. The product today supports Sinhala, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Malayalam, Lao and Thaana. It also provides solutions for mobile browsing in local languages and content browsing for reading of local language newspapers.

As a testimonial to its innovative spirit, Microimage has been bestowed with prestigious local and international awards. Some of their key winning recognitions include the Inaugural GSM Association Mobile Innovation Award in Asia, GSM World Award Commendation, Asia Pacific ICT Merit Award, the National Science Foundation Innovation Award, the British Computer Society NBQSA Award (received on multiple occasions), and a special mention as a Featured Innovation in a key note speech delivered by Dr. Craig Barrette (Chairman of Intel Corporation), amongst others.

Staying true to its vision to be a Leading Technology Innovator for People Driven Businesses, Microimage has been successful in servicing a large client base ranging from small & medium businesses to large enterprises. Today, Microimage products and solutions have touched industries as varied as telecommunications, and banking and finance to manufacturing, diversified groups and NGOs amongst others. “We are proud to be an innovative local ISV partner who has developed award winning, cutting edge solutions using Microsoft development tools & technologies” says Mr. Purasinghe “We look forward to working even closer with Microsoft in future”

The company has market presence in Sri Lanka, Maldives, India & Singapore to date. Key clients include Dialog Telekom (Part of AXIATA Group), Dhiraagu Telekom, Lanka Bell, HSBC, Commercial Bank, DFCC Bank, Bank of Maldives, Eagle Insurance, Trelleborg Lanka, Cargills, ABC Radio Networks, MBC Radio Networks and Robinsons Department Stores.