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Megabox- the first Sri Lankan PC to be Vista Certified

Barclays obtains Vista Certification on a Megabox model

Barclays becomes the first local company to get a Personal Computer certified on Windows Vista. They recently obtained “Certified for Windows Vista” logo on one of their Megabox brand of computers, staying true to their promise of delivering “quality” to their customers.

The “Certified for Windows Vista” logo is a compatibility designation for programs and devices that have passed a rigorous testing program on computers that are running Windows Vista. The technical requirements for this designation target four core areas: reliability, security, compatibility with Windows Vista. It ensures that the certified hardware meets technical requirements for superior experiences with photos, music, videos, games and online communications and can automatically download device driver updates from Windows Update, and install easily.

“The customer has always been the important ingredient in our company, it is our responsibility that we make sure we give him/her the best at all times. After all, if not for him/her, we would not be where we are today” - F. M. Naleem (C. E. O. Barclays Computers (Pvt) Ltd.

“For a local PC brand to compete successfully in the very competitive PC market, consistent investment in the brand and commitment to proving a quality service to the customer is of absolute importance. By obtaining Vista Logo Certification on a Megabox model, Barclays shows that quality is a well thought of strategy in the company, and that they are committed to providing products of a high standard to customers” said MsJinashri Samarakoon, Director OEM, Microsoft Sri Lanka PVT Ltd.

Barclays, in its endeavor to offer only the most reliable components to its customers ensures that every Megabox Personal Computer will be installed with the reliable Windows Xp or Vista range of Operating Systems. Packaged with free web updates and assistance, the genuine Windows operating system enables the consumer to experience a trouble free computing experience, actually even saving money for the consumer by actually preventing faults that could occur during day to day online activity.

With over 15 years of experience in the local It industry, Barclays Computers (Pvt) Ltd has surpassed many a milestone during its existence in Sri Lanka. Launching the Megabox, Barclays was a pioneer, locally assembling a reliable and feature packed computer packaged with one of the best after sales services in town. Barclays was also the first to offer CD-ROM Drives with the Megabox, and later the first to offer DVD Writers with the Megabox, Barclays has always been in the forefront breaking ground and bringing the in latest technology to its customers. Progressively growing, Barclays Trading is dedicated to ensuring the consumer receives the best products and services available in the IT Industry.

With their showroom in unity Plaza and head office on Galle Road, Barclays Computers (Pvt) Ltd is strategically located and geared to provide a wide range of products to the consumers. From Full featured personal computers, to the latest in optical and hard drives, Memory Cards, and entertainment and productivity related accessories, Barclays offers the consumer one of the largest range of choices available in the market in Sri Lanka.