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Microsoft’s Most Famed IT Event Comes to Sri Lanka

Tech.Ed 2010 Prepares Organizations for Tomorrow’s Challenges

Tech.Ed 2010


Tech.Ed 2010

Hailed as the biggest IT event to happen in Sri Lanka in the new year, Tech.Ed 2010 is Microsoft’s premier technical education and networking event for any technology professional interested in leading, connecting and exploring a broad set of current and soon to be released Microsoft technologies, tools, platforms and services.

Set to take place from 8th to 10th February at Waters Edge, Battaramulla, the event offers all those interested an opportunity to meet, interact and connect with international and local product group experts, industry speakers and community influencers to get expert advice and have their questions answered.

Tech.Ed events are famed for their contribution to technology in every field, as well as for being a platform for the most innovative thinkers of our time to share experiences and ideas. Technology professionals and young enthusiasts will find the opportunity to take their knowledge to the next level, building a community network for the future. Participants will be exposed to the best of what is available in the field of IT, helping them realize the full scope of the technology itself, as well as reach their own true potential.

Speaking in the lead up to the event Mr. Sriyan de Silva Wijeyarathne , Country Manager, Microsoft Sri Lanka emphasized the impact Tech.Ed would have on the IT community “Tech.Ed is hailed as one of the most informative and cutting edge seminars ever to be introduced. This years event will feature speakers from all over the world; bringing a massive pool of talent and skills to one place for the purpose of taking technology in Sri Lanka to the next level. The networking and contacts that are established at the seminar – both between the participants and Microsoft, as well as among them selves - will be a stepping stone for the future”.

Featuring speakers like Jason Buffington, Senior Technical Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation, Raj Natarajan, Unified Communications Strategist, Asia Timezone, Microsoft Corporation and Brian Puhl, Technology Architect Microsoft Corporation, the event will also include technical exhibitions, a student PC lab, gaming centers and an extensive collection of stalls for both local and international tech companies to exhibit and market their products.

Tech.Ed will explore aspects of current and soon-to-be-released Microsoft technologies, tools, platforms and services. Providing participants with the chance to immerse themselves in over 200 IT learning opportunities and share knowledge and ideas, as well as influence the creation of technology resources to help build state-of-the-art software solutions as well as to boost local IT infrastructure.

Tech.Ed also promises a high degree of value for Corporate participations including seminars on efficiency through automation and Green Computing. Other seminars will cover Virtualization, Security, Identity and Access, Unified Communications and Business Intelligence and Database platforms, and much more.

A definite ‘must attend’ - Tech.Ed promises to be what techies in Sri Lanka demand – a forum at which to express them selves and explore their potential. For more details log on to