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Microsoft Sri Lanka signs a Security Co-operation Agreement with ICTA

 Microsoft Sri Lanka signs a Security Co-operation Agreement with ICTA


The exchanging the Security Co-operation Agreement (L-R) Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne (Country Manager, Microsoft Sri Lanka), Lal Dias (COO, SLCERT), Reshan Dewapura (COO, ICTA), Prof. P.W. Epasinghe (Chairman, ICTA), Ken Wye Saw (Vice President, Sales and Marketing, APAC, Microsoft), Akther Ahmed (General Manager, South East Asia, Microsoft), Channa de Silva (Director, Enterprise and Public Sector, Microsoft Sri Lanka), Gayan Fonseka (Public Sector Manager, Microsoft Sri Lanka)

Microsoft Sri Lanka recently entered into a Security Cooperation Agreement with Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA), which will be part of the very successful Security Cooperation Programme initiated by Microsoft. This initiative will go a long way to address the increasing number of cyber security threats and vulnerabilities in a more holistic manner and provide a global perspective to Sri Lanka‘s efforts to minimize its exposure. ICTA ‘s fully owned subsidiary SLCERT (Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Response Team) is the affiliate body that will be executing the agreement on behalf of the ICTA, which will provide much wider scope and avenues for security cooperation agreements for Sri Lanka’s public and private sector institutions.

The Microsoft Security Cooperation Program is a global initiative that enables Microsoft and participating government parties to share information to enable faster incident responses and user research. The program increases efficiency and effectiveness in security threat response and minimizes the impact of attacks on users, while securing critical IT infrastructure through communications and education of participants.

Commenting on the this important agreement, the Chief Operating Officer of SLCERT Mr. Lal Dias states that “The Security Cooperation Agreement will provide ICTA and SLCERT with a solid response guarantee from Microsoft in the event of a security threat, 24 hour emergency response and a guarantee of mitigating responding to attacks without increasing the risk of government information being vulnerable to attacks”.

The Microsoft Security Cooperation Program (SCP) provides a structured way for public sector around the world to engage in cooperative security activities with Microsoft in the areas of computer incident response, attack mitigation, and citizen outreach. Using information exchange and cooperative projects, SCP helps public sector to better respond to computer security incidents and to minimize the impact of attacks on information technology (IT) infrastructure, decreasing risk from cyber attacks.

“The SCP is a global initiative that enables Microsoft and participating governments to share information to improve computer incident response processes and user outreach. The SCP is intended to help both participating governments and Microsoft respond more efficiently and effectively to computer security incidents, and minimize the impact of attacks on users and critical IT infrastructure through cooperative projects and user education” emphasized Mr. Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne, Country Manager, Microsoft Sri Lanka.

SCP is part of the Microsoft Security Response Alliance (MSRA), the latest evolution in Microsoft's efforts to build strong alliances with partners in the security response ecosystem. The MSRA builds on the fundamental underpinnings developed by its constituents: five strong, valuable alliances—including SCP—that allow security response and research with multiple partners, vendors, governments, and infrastructure providers to collaborate in a secure and timely manner.