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Aeturnum Bags Microsoft ‘Fast Innovative Solution Award’

Aeturnum Bags Microsoft 'Fast Innovative Solution Award'
(L to R): Menuke De Silva, Aravinda Arthenayake, Sivanandan Sivaparan and Rumesh Manamendra who represented Aeturnum at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas, USA.

Aeturnum Inc was awarded the ‘FAST Innovative Solution Award’ at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference held in Las Vegas, USA, in September 2009. Established in 2006 as a subsidiary of US-based Aeturnum Inc, Aeturnum Lanka plays an integral role in providing enterprise software development services and solutions to emerging technology start-ups and Global 2000 organizations. As Microsoft’s partner in Colombo, Aeturnum was one of only six Microsoft partners worldwide to be recognized at this prestigious event. As a Sri Lankan-based technology innovator to be recognized globally by the Microsoft community for its pioneering work, Aeturnum has put Sri Lanka’s IT capability on the world IT map whilst highlighting Aeturnum’s Search Solution Framework which demonstrates Aeturnum’s expertise with Microsoft FAST and SharePoint technologies.

The award is part of the inaugural SharePoint Conference Partner Awards recognizing a select group of partners for their ability to drive innovation and help customers save money and increase efficiency by realizing the benefits of SharePoint as an integrated server platform and the best-in-class enterprise search solutions enabled by FAST technology. Aeturnum’s Search Solutions Framework enables information access solutions built on Microsoft’s FAST search technology which demonstrates high-end search capabilities for enterprise organizations. The Framework leverages FAST to enhance SharePoint’s content search capabilities and extend its access to a variety of data sources across the enterprise including back end systems such as product catalogs, inventory, billing and merchandising as well as the Internet, e-mail databases,audio and video files, document images and other internal and external repositories.

Aeturnum’s success at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference highlights the immense potential of a Sri Lankan firm to design innovative solutions for corporations and public enterprises in South Asia and beyond, a facet which will add to the maturity of Sri Lanka as an IT hub. Rajat Bhakhri, CEO Aeturnum, said: “We are very excited to be the recipient of the ‘FAST Innovative Solution Award’ bestowed on our company at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009. Aeturnum possesses strong expertise in MicrosoftFAST and SharePoint technologies and is capable of providing best-in-class information access portal solutions. Our award-winning portals are built on Aeturnum’s Search Solutions Framework, which integrates pre-developed technology components with FAST ESP and Microsoft technologies to enable fast, easy access to the right information inside, across and outside the enterprise. Our Search Solutions Framework and Microsoft’s proven technologies proved to an unbeatable combination since we constantly work to maintain our technological edge.

As a truly local technology firm that is making a mark internationally, we would like to urge other IT companies to spread their wings and as a commitment to develop Sri Lankan as an IT solutions hub, Aeturnum would like to extend a hand to help other local Sri Lankan organizations to realise the their true potential.”

Information management and use of market intelligence are taking on greater significance in a fiercely competitive global market. Information Access portals based on Microsoft technologies are used to facilitate collaboration, manage content, implement business processes and make critical information available in various ways to help achieve organizational goals. Well-designed Enterprise search technologies offer organizations a significant competitive advantage and tools for strategic decision making. Aeturnum’s achievement in this field leveraging on Microsoft’s FAST and SharePoint technologies provides a significant and residual impact for its clients.

Manoji Samararatne, Marketing Director, Microsoft Sri Lanka, commented: “Information access technologies provide significant productivity improvements to firms on a global basis and savvy organizations are sparing no expense to gain access to retrieval systems that drive their profitability. Corporates in Sri Lanka too need to realize the importance of harnessing their business potential with such tools and information access technologies need to gain a firmer foothold in Sri Lanka. Microsoft partners like Aeturnum are ideally positioned to lead the way both globally and locally in this arena. I take this opportunity to extend my best wishes to Aeturnum and hope to see many more award winning solutions from the portal of Aeturnum that will leverage substantially on Microsoft’s innovative solutions.”

Microsoft Office SharePoint is an integrated suite of server capabilities that can help improve organizational effectiveness by providing comprehensive content management and enterprise search, accelerating shared business processes, and facilitating information-sharing across boundaries for better business insight. Additionally, this collaboration and content management server provides IT professionals and developers with the platform and tools they need for server administration, application extensibility, and interoperability.

Microsoft’s Enterprise Search helps connect people with the information they need to enable better business decisions, target products and services, increase productivity, and drive desired business outcomes. Its market-leading solutions enable users to deliver engaging search experiences throughout the enterprise - to help customers get what they want, help employees get their jobs done, and help teams and partners collaborate more effectively.

Aeturnum’s Search Solutions Framework

The award recognizes Aeturnum’s Search Solutions Framework as an outstanding partner solution built on FAST search technology that demonstrates high-end search capabilities and offers a compelling user experience. The Search Solutions Framework is an integrated business information platform that enables Microsoft customers to easily customize and extend the capabilities of FAST and SharePoint to fully expose their rich functionality and deliver maximum user benefit and ROI.

The Aeturnum Search Solutions framework (SSF) integrates FAST ESP and other Microsoft technologies to create search-based business productivity portals that deliver the right information at the right time to users. Using Aeturnum's pre-developed technology components and Microsoft technology stacks allows for the creation of cost-efficient, best of breed search solutions that directly impact your bottom line by enabling:

  • Real-time information access inside, across and outside the enterprise organization
  • Efficient collaboration between decision makers, stakeholders and workers
  • Improved tactical and strategic decision-making
  • Increased knowledge worker productivity

  • The framework leverages FAST to enhance SharePoint’s content search capabilities and extend its access to a variety of data sources across the enterprise including back end systems such as product catalogs, inventory, billing and merchandising as well as the Internet, e-mail databases, audio and video files, document images and other internal and external repositories. It also enables FAST to unify and personalize all these search results based on the user, and display them via the SharePoint UI.

    Aeturnum’s services include integrating the breadth of FAST’s best-in-class search technology with SharePoint for solutions that offer extended search capabilities and unique user experience. SharePoint is an ideal, enterprise search solution for larger environments that require scalability. FAST ESP is designed for even greater scale in content volume, index freshness and query performance. Aeturnum has experience integrating FAST ESP to search and index SharePoint to offer highly scalable search capabilities and outstanding user performance. In addition, Aeturnum can help you use SharePoint as a presentation layer for FAST Search.

    Many organizations already have a SharePoint portal in place - often for managing and accessing content. FAST technology enhances SharePoint’s content search capabilities and extends it to a variety of data sources across the enterprise including the internet, e-mail databases, audio and video files, document images and other internal and external repositories. Aeturnum enables FAST to unify all these search results and display them via the SharePoint UI. Aeturnum is also working with users to enable them to customize the UI for different users. For example, a financial analyst may want to display stock quotes and other financial information. A marketing executive may want searchable access to the marketing contacts database. All this can be done by integrating FAST and SharePoint.

    Neil Garner, Project Manager/Sponsor, Batelco (Bahrain Telecom) expressed his views on collaborating with Aeturnum: “At Batelco, we were impressed with the Aeturnum team and found them to be thoroughly professional, responsive and constantly on the lookout to add value to our business. Moreover, the Aeturnum team fitted right into the Batelco culture within a short span of time. Their deliverable is something to be very proud of and the design and details are sublime. Batelco hopes to collaborate with Aeturnum in the future.”

    Aeturnum has out-of-the-box solutions for a wide range of industries, including financial services, retail, insurance industry, healthcare, life sciences and pharmaceuticals, media and publishing and academia. However, its solutions framework can be adapted across other industries and organizations in need of an information access solution - to find the right information at the right time. Entities within organizations evolve knowledge silos over time, limiting accessibility to enterprise-wide information. This can hamper decision-making and productivity, resulting in potential loss of revenue and profit opportunities. Aeturnum can help by leveraging search technologies to break down these silos and unleash the true power of knowledge within an organization regardless of its size or industry vertical.

    The Aeturnum SSF is a solutions framework that integrates Microsoft technologies and Microsoft FAST ESP to create search-based business productivity portals and, moreover, utilize existing Microsoft licensing, which reduces overall implementation cost. Using Aeturnum’s pre-developed components and the Microsoft technology stack allows creation of cost efficient, best-of breed solutions that directly impact an organization’s bottom line. Aeturnum’s emphasis on client satisfaction, superior ROI, technical thought leadership and quality centric software development are the factors that attract many global firms to source its innovation.