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Windows 7 Hits The Maldives

With sales numbers for Windows 7 standing at a record 60 million by the end of 2009, the world’s favourite operating system has gone on to sell over 90 million copies as at March 2010. Proving that Microsoft’s latest version of the most widely used operating system in the world is indeed what every consumer has been waiting for - an operating system that makes it easier for users ‘to do whatever they want to do’ on a PC - the success of the launch both globally and in Sri Lanka has incited Microsoft Sri Lanka to now offer Windows 7 to the Maldives.

Ms. Manoji Samararatne, Marketing Director, Microsoft Sri Lanka & Maldives said “Windows 7 has delivered on its promise of being the operating system that offers everything every consumer has ever wanted. Being fully compatible with all existing applications and hardware that users will have previously installed on their computers, and enabling significantly easier and faster operations at the same time, Windows 7 is cost effective, seamless and intuitive. Organizations will immediately begin to see the benefits of adoption with rising figures in productivity and efficiency, while individual users will benefit from increased options, better value and faster functionality. We are very excited about launching Windows 7 in the Maldives and believe that it will enrich individuals and organizations in the Maldives the same way it has in Sri Lanka and the rest of the world”.

By expanding its presence in the Maldives, Microsoft Sri Lanka believes that it will be offering the island the latest technology in software. Until recently, the lack of genuine software vendors within the Maldives made it difficult for the residents to gain access to software and software services. But thanks to this expansion, the Maldives can now benefit from Microsoft genuine software, solutions and services.

Speaking on the Microsoft presence in the Maldives and the launch of Windows 7, Mr. Ahmed Didi, Management, Focus Computers Private Limited, Maldives, was enthusiastic about the benefits it would provide for organizations looking to upgrade to the latest technology. “Gaining access to the latest genuine technology within the Maldives was a tough task as most service providers were not operating here at all. But now thanks to Microsoft expanding, we have access to original software and services that were thus far less freely available. The launch of Windows 7 will take organizations in the Maldives to the next level. We are very happy that Microsoft Sri Lanka has decided to expand here and look forward to many more enhanced products and the high service Microsoft is famed for”.

Receiving rave reviews from some of the largest names in the international IT world, Windows 7 boasts an impressive host of features that allows users to completely customize their PC usage from desktop look to personalized tool bars and functions. Options that have been too ‘techy’ for average users are now simplified, while enhanced entertainment and multimedia features give users an enriched experience that places Windows 7 far above the competition. The demand for entertainment and quality in the Maldives will complement the attributes offered by Windows 7, offering users a more versatile range of features that specially caters to their needs.

However, the benefits of Windows 7 are not limited to individual users. Organizations in the Maldives will also benefit from time saving and efficiency through simplified features and easier handling, while the ability to link existing applications and boost results through synchronization will enable increased productivity and performance across all functions.

In less than a year of launch, Windows 7 has broken every record for operating systems worldwide, with hosts of happy customers and organizations raving about the benefits received from deploying the technology in their ranks. With over 90 million happy customers, Windows 7 is widely considered to be, by far, the best and most effective operating system launched by Microsoft to date.