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Trinity College middle school revolutionized!

Top of the Range VDI technology now available for the Trinity Middle School

Trinity College middle school revolutionized

With the dawn of IT enhanced learning, Trinity College Kandy recently became the first school in Sri Lanka to initiate a fully functional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure enabled IT Lab for the students of its middle school. The Trinity Batch of ‘85, initiated this project with the software expertise of Microsoft Sri Lanka to provide the Trinity middle school with this cutting edge technology to ensure students are well equipped and powered to take on the future. As the first such solution made available to a school in Sri Lanka, this lab will open up avenues of learning that will allow students to access a world of possibility thus far unavailable to them.

Speaking at the inauguration of the IT Lab, Brig. Udaya Ariyaratne, The Acting Principal of Trinity College said “IT facilities enable access to the world of knowledge to build empowered students ready for future challenges. The main constraint we had was the lack of exposure and the guidance to make available the state-of-the-art equipment. The past-students of Trinity College, the Batch of ‘85, who benefited from all facilities that could possibly be made available in the early and mid 1980’s, have considered it is necessary to contribute to the educational enhancement of present and future students by providing this state-of-the-art IT facility that will empower the students to be at the ‘cutting-edge’ of any activity, and be innovative and creative in diverse ways with the support of Microsoft”

The central feature of this revolutionary IT lab will be the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology - a desktop model that allows users to access desktops running on a central data centre. Part of Microsoft’s broad desktop virtualization offering, this technology will enable centralized storage of data, as well as heightened execution and management of desktops. By vitalizing desktops within the data center, Trinity College will be able to provide its students with a centrally managed Windows desktop to connected students. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (or VDI) is a fast emerging desktop deployment option for organizations looking to provide a personalized central desktop experience to their users.

Key benefits of a centralized desktop strategy with VDI include better learning agility, increased data security and simplified regulatory compliance, as well as easy and efficient management of the desktop OS and applications.

The opening ceremony of the IT Lab took place at the college Hall recently, with Rt. Rev. Kumar Illangasinghe, Bishop of Kurunegala; the Chairman, Board of Governors; Actg. Principal Brig. Udaya Ariyaratne; and the former Actg. Principal; Mr. Paul Jeyaraj, eminent old boy and former senior diplomat; Dr Jayantha Dhanapala, members of Batch ’85, as well as a host of old boys,parents, students and well wishers present.

Key benefits to Trinity College students:

The Microsoft VDI Suites accelerate and extend the deployment and update of desktops and applications to a wide array of client devices, ensuring the IT lab is agile and responsive. They also enable flexible learning scenarios such as ‘hot-desking’ and learning from home.

The Microsoft VDI Suites help simplify remote connectivity, enabling rich desktops and applications to be accessed from any authorized device at virtually any time. With the help of VDI Suites, the school can keep critical learning material highly secure and help radically simplify regulatory compliance by removing applications and data from the desktop.

With the Microsoft VDI Suites, the school will have the ability to provide a centrally managed Windows desktop to connected users. Both end users and IT departments benefit from a much improved desktop life cycle management, allowing for an easy roll-out of patches and upgrades.

Speaking on the need for the IT Lab, Mr. Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne, Country Manager, Microsoft Sri Lanka, spoke on the importance of technology merging with education. “Developments and enhancements in technology constantly revolutionize the world today. In this setting, our nation’s next generation must be empowered to succeed through exposure to the world's best technology and development from an early age. This IT Lab will provide students a pathway to the future, and facilitate the broadening of their horizons and learning resources from almost the very inception of their education”.

Over the years, Microsoft Sri Lanka has initiated many programmes toward the goal of development of education. It is the company's firm belief that teaching and learning is a constantly evolving process which must be continuously complemented by the employment of technology. Thus in line with this credo, the new Lab is also geared to benefit the teachers of Trinity College Kandy by enabling them access to technological innovations that will better their knowledge and thereby enhance their teaching; optimizing their contributions to the school and their students.

Having received the very best in educational facilities Trinity College could provide during their time, the batch of ’85 initiated the IT Lab project to ensure that this standard was maintained into the future. Their dedication to their school and their contribution toward maintaining and enhancing the quality of education provided will ensure that generations of Trinitian’s in the future will benefit not just from access to technology, but from the very latest software and hardware available, giving them a head start and ensuring that the Trinity standards are held high.