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Etisalat Sri Lanka enhances performance with a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement

With a history of unprecedented successes providing Enterprise Agreements (EA) to some of the largest corporates in Sri Lanka, Microsoft Sri Lanka recorded yet another milestone with the comprehensive deployment of Windows 7 Enterprise and Microsoft Desktop Optimizations Pack (MDOP) for Etisalat Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, one of Sri Lanka’s most popular and fast growing cellular networks.

Etisalat, Sri Lanka’s first cellular network commenced the operations in 1989. Since its inception in 1989, Etisalat Sri Lanka has consistently provided not only the widest coverage and an unprecedented service, but also a host of other Value Added Services.

The strategic partnership between the two companies allows Etisalat Sri Lanka to access up to date software and drive IT standardization across the organization, providing benefits like streamlined administration, cohesive budgeting, enhanced infrastructure flexibility and the ability to respond rapidly to changing needs using tools and technologies accessed through the EA. With a reputation for providing the widest coverage and extraordinary service, Etisalat Sri Lanka’s deployment of the latest Microsoft technologies will enable them to better serve the customers who have come to depend on the high quality of Etisalat services.

With the deployment of Windows 7 Enterprise, the employees at Etisalat Sri Lanka are now able to take advantage of features such as Windows Side Show, Windows Task Bar, Jump List, Windows Search, and many more productivity enhancing tools, as well as bundled in security features such as Bitlocker and Bitlocker to go, App Locker and Direct Access which enhances data protection. In addition to all these features, the IT team at Etisalat Sri Lanka is able to deploy Windows 7 Enterprise remotely using System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) with minimum disruption to day to day business operations and manpower.

The core goal of tying up with Microsoft Sri Lanka for Etisalat Sri Lanka is to elevate all its internal employees onto one uniform technology standard that optimized resources in terms of IT productivity whereby the company seeks to avoid deployment problems associated with upgrades and different platforms being employed across the company. By making the internal operations seamless, with minimum disruption to working hours, the Etisalat Sri Lanka team was soon enjoying the benefits of an integrated and user friendly system, empowering them to better serve their clients.

Why MDOP (Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack)

Optimized Desktop enables organizations to combine technologies like Windows®, Office, MDOP, Forefront®, and System Center with effective business practices and present the collective solution as a user experience on the desktop. Moreover, the breadth of Microsoft desktop and server technology assets provide a greater and well positioned to offer the cost savings and agility customers need enabling them to easily connect their desktop strategy with the organizations overall strategy for managing core infrastructure at a better value.

The benefits of MDOP include central monitoring and provisioning and de-provisioning applications centrally. Allowing users a greater degree of control and ensuring an optimal level of IT practices. With MDOP, Etisalat Sri Lanka can now centrally provide the required user applications to a specific user in less than 15 minutes. Thus making their IT staff one of the most efficient in the island and allowing for time to be allocated for other proactive tasks that render Etisalat Sri Lanka a distinct competitive advantage in its playing field. Etisalat Sri Lanka can also assign applications that increase staff productivity and control of internal information and security.

Speaking on Etisalat Sri Lanka’s experience with Microsoft Mr. Chandrakanth Jayasinghe, Head of IT Systems at Etisalat Sri Lanka said “Under the Microsoft EA, Etisalat Lanka has all the latest products from Microsoft including the latest operating system Windows 7 and genuine Microsoft products to use in each and every computer system across the organization. The Enterprise agreement comes with a bundle of benefits for the company’s IT infrastructure which includes Training programs and TechNet ID’s for IT support”. With the Enterprise agreement, Etisalat Sri Lanka will be provided access to key tools and technologies which will help them enhance productivity and provide a smooth operational IT infrastructure which is a key necessity today.

“With Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) the IT team at Etisalat Sri Lanka is able to install new upgrades for their line of business applications much faster and with minimum resources enabling them to save time. Employing the best in technology will now give Etisalat Sri Lanka the business edge it requires to maintain and better its standing in the telecommunications industry, ensuring fantastic performance internally and for customers as well.” states Mr. Sanath Pilapitiya, Chief Technical Officer of Etisalat Sri Lanka. Speaking on the Enterprise Agreements, Mr. Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne, Country Manager, Microsoft Sri Lanka spoke on the long term benefits of licensing and the overall impact it had on a company and its efficiency “Having an entire company on one platform puts the entire organization on the same page, allowing easier collaboration and communication. It also makes sharing and accessing technology and information faster and more efficient, making it possible for employees to enhance their output to a degree that will enhance overall company performance and benefit customers. Our Enterprise Agreements provide seamless working environments, making sure that for the duration of the agreement, Etisalat Sri Lanka is powered to surpass expectations and maximize potential”.

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement program is designed specifically for organizations with 250 or more desktop PCs that want a simple, flexible and affordable way to standardize their business and reap the rewards of the use of the latest Microsoft technology in applications, operating systems, and servers. With the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement organizations can be confident that their IT infrastructure will adapt and grow with evolving business needs. It also comes with the advantages of Software Assurance, Microsoft’s comprehensive maintenance programme that helps users get the most out of their licensed products with benefits that keep an organization running smoothly through planning, deployment, use and maintenance. Guaranteeing time and money savings while increasing productivity across the organization.

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement can also provide a framework for making software license acquisitions and management easier. This cost-effective way to acquire the latest Microsoft technology helps businesses standardize IT across the organization, simplifying license management, and providing maintenance benefits to help ensure that organizations are more productive. It also allows cost to be spread throughout three years, which will help organizations refocus IT budgets and ensure predictability for budgeting purposes.