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Students Champs - Building the Next Generation of Technologists

The ICT Industry in Sri Lanka has been marked as one of the fundamental powerhouses fuelling the new economic voyage of the nation. Today, technology is the rudimentary driver of global economic growth. Not only is technology rapidly transforming the face of the world economy, but it is also changing the fundamentals of human possibility, redefining the boundaries of communication and travel, and re-shaping the way the world thinks and works.

The Microsoft Student Champs Program was launched in Sri Lanka with the objective of building the next generation of technologists. Recognizing the importance of today’s young generation, both for their competencies and limitless thinking skills which play a crucial role in innovation, Microsoft launched the Student Champ Community is in adherence to this global vision and avowed mission to empower the youth of the country. At present, the Microsoft Student Champ Community stands as the largest growing student technology community in the island with over 180 registered undergraduates from over 10 Universities across Sri Lanka.

The Microsoft Student Champ Community, has and is, leading the way as the pioneering body for IT Students in Sri Lankan Universities to ‘connect, share and grow’, while getting unprecedented Industry exposure and working closely with Microsoft, the world’s premier software giant. Mr. Wellington Perera (Director, DPE – Microsoft, Sri Lanka) explains that, “It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for University students to develop real world skills which will help them succeed in their future careers, learn and experience new technologies, connect with like-minds and network with top industry pros.” He further states that this program offers an excellent opportunity for University Students in Sri Lanka to get an unparallel leadership and teamwork experience, while furthering their academic and career development.

This community consists of Undergraduates who are following a course of study in, or related to ICT. It is open to any and every student who has a passion for technology and a drive for innovation. Having commenced in 2005 with less than 10 students from the University of Moratuwa and University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC), this community has now expanded its reach to various Universities across the Island and has an active membership of over 200 undergrads.

While all community members are uniformly classified as “Champs”, a selected number who have shown exceptional dedication and performance in this community are offered the title Microsoft Student Ambassador (MSA) of whom there are currently 8. Members of this community get to conduct, host, execute and participate in a range of activities that give much needed value addition to their personal portfolio. From conducting exhibitions and workshops, to seminars, competitions, code camps, trainings, fun-outings, monthly meetings and quarterly events, these Techies are exposed to an all-new level of managerial and leadership experiences which are highly relevant to the Industry.

“What we aim is to create a new strand of techies who have the multiplicity of skills needed to survive and compete in the Industry. Most applicants lack these extra-skills because of the lack of opportunity to experience them. Microsoft Student Champs have successfully outdone these and have become recognized by top employers for their outstanding capabilities,” says Mr. Perera.

Stepping beyond the traditional realm the Microsoft Student Champs have been able to pioneer a new learning experience where both real-world exposure and technical expertise combine to offer a new outlook to the conventional ‘techie’.

A number of monthly meetings and workshops had been held at a variety of higher education institutes including APIIT, University of Moratuwa, University of Colombo School of Computing, SLIIT as well as the Open University of Sri Lanka within the last 6 months. The Student Champs are planning further visits to the University of Rajarata and the University of Wayamba in the coming months in the hope of widening their community base and taking their positive and empowering experiences to more students throughout Sri Lanka.

In a further step to reach-out to more undergraduates across the Island, the Microsoft Student Champs will be conducting a Networking Event in January. This will be an excellent opportunity for students who are interested in getting more information to gain a better insight into the community and its activities while networking with industry leaders, peers and friends. Those who wish to obtain more information regarding the Microsoft Student Champs Program can visit the website of this student community: or their Facebook Page Microsoft Student Champs to be updated about their activities.