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Ten Powerful Names in the IT Industry Emerge Triumphant at the Microsoft Partner Conference

Ten Powerful Names in the IT Industry Emerge Triumphant at the Microsoft Partner Conference

Zia Cader, General Manager – Tech One Global (PVT) Ltd. receives the award for "Best Distributor" from Jamie Harper, General Manager Microsoft South East Asia together with (L-R) Hisham Sally, Partner Account Manager and Pubudu Basnayake, SMS&P Director of Microsoft Sri Lanka.

Ten Powerful Names in the IT Industry Emerge Triumphant at the Microsoft Partner Conference

DMS Electronics (Pvt) Ltd receives the award for "Best Managed Partner" from Jamie Harper, General Manager, Microsoft South East Asia flanked by (L-R) Hisham Sally, Partner Account Manager and Pubudu Basnayake, SMS&P Director of Microsoft Sri Lanka.

Ten Powerful Names in the IT Industry Emerge Triumphant at the Microsoft Partner Conference

Quality Partner Award Winners & the Microsoft Partner Team.

Ten Powerful Names in the IT Industry Emerge Triumphant at the Microsoft Partner Conference

Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne, Country Manager, Microsoft Sri Lanka thanking the partners for their outstanding contribution.

Ten Powerful Names in the IT Industry Emerge Triumphant at the Microsoft Partner Conference

Jamie Harper, General Manager, Microsoft South East Asia, addressing the Crowd.

Ten prominent names in the IT industry emerged victorious at the "Quality Partners Quality Solutions Awards 2011", Microsoft Sri Lanka's annual Partner Conference and Award ceremony, held on the 13th of September, 2011 at the Galadari Hotel celebrating outstanding performance by Microsoft partners in Sri Lanka and the Maldives.

Among the top-notch partner-organizations who were honoured for their outstanding performance were: Tech One Global (Pvt) Ltd. who won the title of “Best Distributor” while DMS Electronics (Pvt) Limited was recognized as the "Best Managed Partner" with H-One (Pvt) Ltd awarded runner-up in this category; "Best 'Attached at Source' COEM Distributor and Named Partner" was won by Singer (Sri Lanka) PLC; H-One (Pvt) Ltd won a second award winning the title of “Best Partner Led Competitive Win Back”; Rose Ware Corporation, a company based in Maldives bagged two awards that night, winning the titles of “Best Partner – Maldives” and "Best Partner in the Public Sector"; Ceylinco NetAssist PLC won the title of "Best Microsoft Learning Partner."

Among the other leading names that won recognition awards for the exceptional work they have carried out in other technological fronts were; Greenwich Lanka (PVT) Ltd for Unified Communications, DMS Electronics (PVT) Ltd for Unified Communications and Virtualization, E-W Information Systems Ltd in recognition of work carried out in the Public Sector, Metropolitan Computers (PVT) Ltd as ‘Attached-at-source’ COEM Partner and H-One (PVT) Ltd for Dynamics ERP business. The winners of the night received highest recognition at the event whilst their team efforts in championing Microsoft products and technologies were applauded.

Winning the award of "Best Distributor" for the sixth consecutive year, Tech One Global was one of the stars of the evening, as COO Wasantha Weerakoone was commended for the company’s long-standing, dedicated partnership with Microsoft Sri Lanka. "From the very beginning, Tech One Global has been an exclusively Microsoft distributor and the benefits we've received from this partnership has helped us succeed both in the local and foreign markets." according to Weerakoone. "I would call our long-partnership with Microsoft challenging in the most positive way with both companies benefiting greatly and growing because of this close-knit relationship. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Microsoft."

A key difference in this year's event was the recognition of Microsoft's noteworthy and valued partnerships built during Microsoft's seven years in Sri Lanka with key non-profit organizations, Microsoft's Most Valuable Professionals (MVP), Independent Software Developer partners and Government stakeholders amongst its Partner community who contributed towards the overall development of both the IT industry and the nation. The award ceremony whilst appreciating valuable contributions made by these diverse partner organizations also commended a few key individuals for their efforts that have uplifted the entire eco-system. The hallmark feature of this event has always been the celebration of partner's business success whilst strengthening Microsoft Sri Lanka's relationship with its entire Partner Network and this year the theme that took center stage was the Powerful Partnerships.

The event was graced by Jamie Harper, General Manager of Microsoft South East Asia, who was visiting Sri Lanka for the first time and made this the platform to convey his appreciation for all the remarkable work carried out by our local industry players. He also expressed Microsoft's commitment to gear the entire partner eco-system to embrace future growth opportunities. Since his recent appointment, Mr. Harper, who has held numerous leadership roles in finance, sales and marketing at Microsoft both within the US and internationally. Harper emphasized on the crucial role played by the Microsoft Partner Network and also about Microsoft’s commitment towards ensuring that the company maintained and pursued partnerships that matter. "I've worked in a lot of countries, and I am very, very impressed when I look at the network of partners in Sri Lanka. I've spent a lot of time with other markets that aren't as ahead in terms of their partner community, who hasn't taken the same approach and time that you all have. So I would like to say thanks, to this amazing and special group. One of my tasks will be to ensure that this success that's happened in Sri Lanka is replicated in other markets in South East Asia." stated Jamie Harper addressing the gathering.

Speaking at the event, Sriyan de Silva Wijeyeratne, Country Manager of Microsoft Sri Lanka emphasized on the significant role played by the partners in Microsoft Sri Lanka’s success. "When Microsoft was launched seven years ago, we asked ourselves what the impact we wanted to make as a business and as an organization, not only towards the development of the IT industry in Sri Lanka but the country itself. We were resolute that Microsoft Sri Lanka isn’t going to be yet another IT company that cares only about business. Since then, we made a few big bets in areas we firmly believed that can create an unparalleled impact on the lives of our people, the industry and on the nation. My partner network, who is my most distinguished guests here tonight, has been the life blood behind all this work. Not only have they provided Microsoft Sri Lanka with the business stature to be the significant player in the IT industry as we are today, but also it is they who have supported us in all our far reaching community building endeavors that has nothing to do with our business but carried out with equal passion and commitment. Every achievement we have on the table is also the achievement of our partners, the impact that we have made in the country and every Sri Lankan is because of them - the people who really matter to us the most."

Among the other presenters, Poojitha Rajapakse, OEM Director, Microsoft Sri Lanka talked about the key highlights of the past fiscal year whilst thanking the entire partner community for all their efforts not just in the business front but also in all the support they have provided on all the community building work Microsoft carries out together with their affiliates. In addition, the conference was used as the occasion to enlighten the local partner community on new products and business strategies of Microsoft for the upcoming year. Imran Vilcassim, EPG Director of Microsoft Sri Lanka unveiled some of the broad product and marketing strategies Microsoft is planning to undertake in the future and made this the occasion to convey Microsoft’s fullest support to enrich and develop the partner eco-system by strengthening the symbiotic relationship we have formed over the years.

The Microsoft's partner ecosystem is an integral component of Microsoft Sri Lanka’s success and plays a key role in driving the company’s business goals. Microsoft partners receive a wide range of direct support and training services from Microsoft and in turn, are authorised to deliver Microsoft solutions to end users. The emphasis throughout the engagement with Microsoft is on quality, and the ‘Quality Partners Quality Solutions Awards’ seek to instil a greater commitment to superior quality service and solutions among the partners whilst rewarding them for exceptional performance.