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Microsoft Lync® Revolutionizes Noratel International’s Communications System

Noratel International (Pvt) Ltd. became one of the first local companies to successfully deploy a fully fledges unified communication solution powered by Microsoft Lync®, along with - an integrated communication and collaboration system into their communications network. Almost a year since its introduction, Microsoft Lync® has revolutionized the company’s communications experience and helped dramatically cut down costs with its ability to create real-time, face-to-face meetings regardless of geographical boundaries. k

Microsoft Lync® Revolutionizes Noratel International’s Communications System

As one of the multinationals to embrace this pioneering technology in Sri Lanka is Noratel International, a multinational organization with over 80 years of experience in producing top quality transformers has been able to reap maximum benefits out of their investment on Microsoft Lync®. The company, started out as a local manufacturer of radios and loudspeakers, is currently recognized as one of Europe’s leading producers of the comprehensive standard range on dry-insulated transformers and power supplies. This global giant has offices primarily in Europe with strong presence in Asia and Africa with an international group of 16 companies in 12 countries and over 2,750 employees around the world. Microsoft Lync® has proven to be the ideal solution for them with its ability to bring their vast network of employees ranging from executives, designers, manufacturers and their suppliers together effectively and efficiently, on to a simplified and more engaging collaboration platform.

Microsoft Lync® is a single platform that integrates instant messaging, presence, audio, video and web conferencing and voice to bring people together in the ways they communicate best. Lync® provides one interface that works with applications that businesses know and use today, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange. Lync® is now known as the new family brand for the products formerly known as Microsoft Communications Server, Microsoft Office Communications Online and Microsoft Office Communicator which now also includes Microsoft Lync Web App and Microsoft Lync Online.

Apart from revolutionizing the organization’s communication system, Microsoft Lync has seen a remarkable drop in cost of communications according to Noratel International’s IT Manager (System Administration & Networks), Mr. Thilak Ranamuka. “Our communications expenses has been cut down by at least 40 percent, possibly even 60 percent since we implemented Lync in 2010 because we no longer need to make expensive IDD calls and have been able to drastically cut down on travel costs incurred in attending our regular team meetings and executive reviews ” he said. “Additionally, Microsoft Lync has really changed how we operate as a designing and manufacturing company – our engineers can brainstorm new solutions and consult with their colleagues around the world and everyone can contribute with Lync’s screen share and white board options. It’s like they’re in the same room with you, except without having paid the travel costs to get there.”

The Microsoft Lync® communication system comprises of several unique features, making it an essentiality for any dynamic enterprise keen on staying ahead of its competition. Perhaps its most attractive feature is the system’s ability to track down and locate an individual irrespective of his availability at a particular location. The concept takes a fresh look at communications by following the person instead of a number. With Lync®, a person to be contacted even if the individual is away – maybe just a few work stations, or buildings or a different continent, without the hassle of having to remember a different contact number each time, and also with a mechanism to identify whether the person is available or not, based on their presence. Microsoft Lync® allows the person to be followed on their mobile phone or landlines by simply clicking on their name on the Lync user interface on their desktops because of its ability to determine how best to contact an individual at a given point in time based on their Outlook calendar.

The Instant Messaging (IM) feature built in to Lync® allows the presence of any team member within an organization be seen, allowing them to be simply ‘pinged’ over their IP address and have a conversation or connect via a call instantaneously. Call conferencing feature gives the freedom to patch up any number of individuals over a single call and conduct team meetings irrespective of their whereabouts. The single interface formed by Lync® uniting voice communications, presence, instant messaging, and audio/video/web conferencing have added a total new dimension to the way an organization communicate and collaborate in real terms.

Noratel International identified a need for a more organized and effective communications system to better its operational practices in 2010 and became one of the early adopters Microsoft Lync® in Sri Lanka, installing the server at their premises nearly a year ago. Since then, the company has expanded its use of Lync to its analog telephone system, which is now synced and operates in conjunction with the Microsoft Lync server. The transnational structure at the company makes Microsoft Lync extremely beneficial to them since it enables them to have an easy communication channel with all their partners companies around the world.

“Lync delivers on Microsoft’s vision to unify all the areas of modern business communication, giving people a more collaborative experience. This combination of creative new tools allow individuals and groups collaborate naturally and effortlessly across any distance, providing a flexible platform for public and private organizations of all types and sizes,” said Pubudu Basnayake – SMS&P Director, Microsoft Sri Lanka. “In addition to transforming how people communicate, IT departments can also benefit from Lync and evolve their infrastructure while enhancing or eliminating their traditional PBX systems, saving time and money. Most importantly, this is an ideal solution for managers and senior decision makers who want to change the way they conduct their routine managerial activities and simplify the operational complexity of their companies to shift focus on to the core business drivers.”

Microsoft Lync’s features that add to its versatility include virtual meetings and the server’s ability to work with public networks such as Windows Live™ Messenger, AOL, and Yahoo!, enabling users to use the call and video call aspect of Lync with outside parties when required.

Virtual meetings incorporate a host of features outside the ‘conventional’ video conference call, enabling users to share power point presentations, notes, documents etc., when necessary and even allowing users to share their screen – enabling another participant to take remote control of their computer’s actions when needed. Thus making Microsoft Lync’s virtual meeting one of the most realistic virtual meeting options available in the market.

Speaking on the Lync Virtual Meetings feature, Harsha Randeny, Partner Technology Advisor at Microsoft Sri Lanka stated, “The convenience and simplicity these virtual meetings offer are unbeatable. For example, if I’m in Singapore, and my colleague is in Sri Lanka where we want to attend a meeting and work on a presentation together, I can change and make edits on it by simply sharing his screen, so it’s not different to as if we were working on the same computer next to each other and I’ve just taken over editing physically. This also allows both of us to take part in even a customer or partner briefing session and make a live presentation via the web, where he can bring in his sales expertise and I can cover the technical aspects to an interactive single meeting, irrespective where the participants are located anywhere in the world.”

Microsoft Lync® not only gives people the ability to work together, in real-time, using the Microsoft applications they are more familiar with and use every day, resulting in a significant impact on an organization’s operational costs. In today’s highly competitive business arena, where companies seek improved yet simple ways to make their day-to-day interactions a more engaging experience, Microsoft Lync® provides the best collaborative platform that increases productivity and leads to business success. To find out more about the many capabilities of Microsoft Lync® log on to