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Barclays Computers, blazing trails in the local PC market

Building a business that values Intellectual Property Rights

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Photo: Mr. Naleem Farook - Managing Director, Barclays Computers

Barclays Computers (Pvt.) Ltd, one of the pioneers in the ICT retail space in Sri Lanka, has the distinction of being one of the very few vendors to sell only genuine software. Advocating the sale of genuine software as a policy, the company has been in the forefront of promoting Intellectual Property (IP) rights in the country. In a cost sensitive market like Sri Lanka, Barclays has chosen to go with quality and long term value to customers as a key differentiator which, in turn, has led their customers to associate them with high performance and high quality products and services.

Emphasizing the benefits of genuine software, Mr. Naleem Farook, Managing Director, Barclays Computers says, “The use of genuine software combined with quality hardware increases business efficiency by reducing system downtime resulting from issues with pirated software. In the long run, this helps our customers reap significant returns on their investment in genuine software. This has helped us generate a lot of goodwill amongst our partners and customers.”

He added, "People who use non-genuine software are putting themselves at risk, as non-genuine software has been shown to be more vulnerable to viruses and spyware, which can damage a user's PC or steal personal information."

Barclays started operations in 1994 and now operates two outlets: a flagship showroom on Galle Road, Bambalapitya and a retail outlet in Unity Plaza. The company is renowned for its commitment to customer service and the high quality products ranging from individual computer hardware components to PCs and laptops under a multiple range of brands.

Barclays Computers choose genuine Microsoft software over counterfeit options available to help their customers avail a host of value benefits including protection against malware and viruses, access to Microsoft product support, and the latest Microsoft updates. Partnering with Microsoft Sri Lanka, Barclays provides their customers with the opportunity to experience these benefits before actual purchase by providing them with a one month free trial on several Microsoft software solutions.

Barclays was the first local company to get a Personal Computer certified on Windows Vista and Windows 7. They recently obtained “Certified for Windows 7” logo on their Megabox branded computers, staying true to their promise of delivering ‘quality’ to their customers. As a pioneer in launching a locally assembled, reliable and feature packed computer packaged with one of the best after sales services in town, Barclays was also the first to offer CD-ROM Drives and DVD Writers with the Megabox. “We have strived to be in the forefront breaking ground and bringing the latest in technology to our customers,” added Farook. Growing progressively, Barclays is dedicated to ensuring the consumer receives the best products and services available in the IT industry.

Barclays has also been an active participant of the Microsoft Sri Lanka’s OEM Sales Academy since its first program which shows their commitment to grow the potential of their team members. Microsoft Sri Lanka OEM Sales Academy is a program designed to hone the skills and competency levels of OEM sales personnel for growth and motivate them to apply their enhanced sales and product knowledge to real-life sales scenarios

Commending Barclays’ efforts in this area, Poojitha Rajapakse, Director – OEM, Microsoft Sri Lanka said, “A large section of Sri Lankan consumers still remain unaware of the risks of counterfeit or pirated software. By promoting the use of genuine software along with quality hardware, Barclays has been able to build its brand on trust and service. The lower down time and running costs for buyers reduce servicing costs and increase good will towards the resellers and especially local system builders. It is reliable and long term partners such as Barclays that set the example for others as well which uplifts the entire partner eco-system.”

"My business depends on providing customers trust and reliability they expect when they invest on a PC - that's why we only sell genuine Microsoft software with the computers we sell, which also brings in a lot of value to their total PC experience” added Farook.