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Microsoft Staff Volunteer Day: Dedicated to empower women, children and youth in Seenigama

The staff at Microsoft Sri Lanka dedicated two days to empowering youth, women and children in and around the Seenigama area, via the Foundation of Goodness (FOG) on the 18th and 19th of November 2011. The two day Volunteer workshop saw multiple activities ranging from cooking and sewing lessons, leadership and skills building, IT training for both youth and children and a host of team building activities that brought together over 250 individuals who are currently following training and skill development programs at the FOG training centers located in Seenigama, Rathgama, Udumulla, Akurala & Kahawa areas. This includes adults as well as youth and children from over 20 villages in and around the area who took part in the program with great enthusiasm to learn some essential skills to help improve their lives and face the challenges of the future with confidence.

Image 01 - Team Building and activity based leadership training session for over 180 youth was conducted by the prominent leadership skills trainers Global Talent Coach & Consultants (Pvt) Ltd. who dedicated their time and energy to the event on voluntary basis together with the Microsoft Sri Lanka Team.

Image 02 - Career guidance and tips on acing an interview session carried out by top Microsoft professionals. The volunteer project focused not just on empowering the participants via IT but ensuring that they were well equipped to face the job market and unleash their unlimited potential, a commitment to the nation by Microsoft Sri Lanka through its many community skill building initiatives.

Image 03 - A personality development and public speaking skills training session was also conducted by team of Microsoft employees that was predominantly focused on the youth following training courses at the Foundation of Goodness training centers in Seenigama, Rathgama, Udumulla, Akurala & Kahawa.

Image 04 - A Multipoint technology enabled classroom for kindergarten students was donated at this event giving the young ones their first ever computer experience. MultiPoint is software that enables multiple students in a classroom to access a single PC with the help of a projector and a screen through multiple yet individually operated mouse devices. This was a significant event as these children are the youngest ever to experience this interactive and student centric education tool that will spark the enthusiasm towards computing among young children from an early age.

Image 05 - Basic IT Training for 16-18 year olds was also conducted by Microsoft professionals. This included an in depth feature training on Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7 with the aim of skilling them up on latest technology tools that will serve to enhance their employability.

Image 6 - Singer Sri Lanka too joined forces with Microsoft for this voluntary project, with a cookery demonstration and a sewing lesson targeted at an audience of over 80 women who are currently following courses at the FOG centers. The demonstrations conducted by Singer certified professionals were received with much enthusiasm with active participation of the young and the old alike.