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Software for the 21st Century

Software for the 21st Century

In meeting the demands of change in the 21st century workplace, new skills and knowledge is mandatory for meaningful employability. In creating this “World Class” fitness for purpose, Educational institutes play a pivotal role by becoming responsive, demand-led organizations using e-technology to improve participation, achievements and progression of students.

In Sri Lanka, Microsoft has been making extensive investments aimed at uplifting the IT related standards of Secondary and Tertiary Students, Trainers and NGO’s, Teachers and Academia. Over the past four years we have donated over US $1.5 million towards these activities and we will go even further during the next few years.

As part of a new initiative in Sri Lanka titled “Software for the 21st Century”, Microsoft is hoping to provide recognized Universities and Tertiary Institutions with many of the latest cutting edge Software, which would enable each of these institutions to expose their students to the best of world class Technology, absolutely Free of Charge. This software would also be available to the Students of these universities, and their Faculty members (again Free of Charge), enabling them to use these technologies at home as well.

The above is our commitment towards enabling jobs and opportunities as well as fostering local innovation. ‘Software for the 21st Century’ consists of four key initiatives provided absolutely free of charge. Namely, they are;

Microsoft Sri Lanka

MSDN Academic Alliance(MSDNAA), which will provide all students and faculty of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathamatics and Visualization, Illustration, Design and Arts Departments of local universities, access to the latest in Microsoft software. This software can be utilized by students to develop any coursework/assignments and personal non-commercial projects.
Software offered under MSDNAA includes Windows Server, Visual Studio, Windows Client (Vista & XP), SQL Server, Exchange Server, Expression Studio, Project, Visio and MSDN Library.

Microsoft Sri Lanka

Live@edu, which is known to be the ultimate suite of applications (mobile, desktop and web-based) to help students team up and create a community that can last a lifetime. It comprises features such as co-branded e-mail inboxes that students can use as their primary accounts, along with value added services such as Office Live Workspace, Windows Live SkyDrive, and other software that encourages collaboration. Live@edu also works with the devices students already use, and even integrates with the infrastructure they already have in place. Students are also able to outsource the time and cost of spam-filtering, server uptime and ongoing maintenance to Microsoft’s enterprise-class infrastructure and ensure the privacy of their data, which will in turn keep them safer online.

Microsoft Sri Lanka

DreamSpark, is, in crux, about providing students Microsoft professional-level development and design tools so they can chase up their dreams and create the next big breakthrough in technology, or just get a head start in their careers! This programme which was announced by Bill Gates in February this year, during a speech at Stanford University, is estimated to give software access to up to 35 million students, free of charge.

Microsoft Sri Lanka

Shared Source Initiative(SSI), is where Microsoft is able to share source code with customers, partners, developers, academics, and Governments worldwide. The SSI encompasses a wide spectrum of technologies, programmes, and licenses offered by Microsoft, to various communities. The SSI fosters technical innovation and brings value to businesses and developers. An ever-growing, rich set of technologies, is available under the SSI and source code offerings range from Microsoft products such as Windows, Windows CE, and Office, to developer tools such as WiX and WTL. The licenses associated with these offers range from being purely closed-source, and allowing only viewing of the code for reference, to allowing it to be modified and redistributed for both commercial and non-commercial purposes.

To get your university activated on Software for the 21st Century project please contact …

Wellington Perera
Developer Evangelist | Microsoft Sri Lanka

No: 42, 11th Floor, DHPL Building, Nawam Mawatha

Direct: +94 11 4765 565  |  Mobile: +94 77 7281 021
Fax: +94 11 4765 570  |  Email:

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