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Transforming Education

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Transforming Education

Education in Sri Lanka is an important area of focus that has long been felt is in need of a change. A varied set of stakeholders not limited to the Government, are making attempts to ensure the relevance of education in terms of industry requirements, and more importantly today, the ability of Sri Lankan students and graduates to compete globally. A Digital Divide has opened up due to the lack of exposure, resources and opportunity, contributing to Sri Lanka’s inability to fully function in this new digital world where information communication technology (ICT) is a key competence for success of a nation.

Microsoft Sri Lanka presented itself to facilitate this exposure, deploying the company’s worldwide leadership position towards uplifting ICT education. Microsoft’s vision for especially education in the 21st century is driven by the belief that the use of technology in education will help remove limitations, foster innovations and enable everyone to achieve their full potential. To this end Microsoft has initiated a series of projects in Sri Lanka targeted at increasing access to technology that can improve the quality of teaching as well as the learning experience for students of all ages – literally shaping the way education unfolds.

Through a range of initiatives, some of which are acclaimed as Sri Lanka’s largest and most productive public private partnerships, Microsoft Sri Lanka desires to be a strong catalyst in ensuring ICT education and ICT inclusion in education in Sri Lanka meets global standards. In the sphere of education we lead through our wide experience and knowledge from building ICT communities that span the globe. We have the insight, the knowledge and the resources to create a revolution; a revolution that helps everyday people to improve their lives.

We lead through our initiatives in partnership with; the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Vocational Training, the universities, teachers, faculty, and students, exposing them to global best practices, enabling them to create alliances with industry partners and their counterparts in other countries for resource facilitation whilst sharing and championing strategy. We lead through our endeavors to help administrators and teachers across the country understand the potential of digital inclusion in learning, helping Sri Lanka become a force to reckon with within the ICT industry, by exposing them to global standards and use of ICT education.

We innovate by providing world class curricula and training for teachers while we motivate them to include ICT in the delivery of their lessons. We innovate by creating opportunities for administrators, teachers and students, to be part of global forums and global communities, reaching out across the distances to recognize and reward successes and initiatives.

At Microsoft we look at this broad spectrum of market as four unique segments, namely; kindergarten to grade 12 segment (K-12), higher education segment, under-served communities and the ICT industry.

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