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Year of IT and English

2009 - Year of English and Information Technology

With 2009 declared the ‘Year of English and Information Technology’ the Government is making plans to execute  a series of activities aimed at improving the country’s standards of English and IT literacy among the general public, with the long-term objective of providing necessary skills to meet future demands.

Under the guidance of His Excellency the President Mahinda Rajapaksa a Presidential task force has been set up to drive widespread adoption of English and IT in the country. Dr. Sarath Amunugama, Minister of Enterprise Development and Investment Promotion and Deputy Minister of Finance has been appointed as the Chairman of the new Presidential Task Force on English and IT.

The task force consists of two sub task forces in English and IT respectively. Whilst Mr. Sunimal Fernando, Advisor to the President has been appointed to coordinate the English track, SLASSCOM Chairman, an established industry veteran Mr. Ranjit Fernando has been appointed to coordinate the IT track. The task force also comprises of 20 senior state and private sector officials who will contribute their expertise to the national effort.

The task force activities are centered on improving the nation’s capabilities in terms of English and IT as essential life skills that will empower the future generation to compete successfully in the global arena. As its main objective, the task force will facilitate the implementation of programmes aimed to uplift the level of job oriented English and IT skills among school children, which will enhance their employability in IT enabled service industries.

Microsoft Sri Lanka looks forward to continue its’ many endeavors that are already aligned to add value to this far reaching initiative, while originating a range of new activities directly aimed at supporting the Government and making the ‘Year of English and IT’ a successful milestone in the journey towards a fully transformed and future ready IT landscape of the country. Among the many activities lined up in support of the government’s declaration, Microsoft unveiled the ‘software for the 21st century’ program that provides all the state universities with the latest cutting-edge software absolutely free of charge, with the aim of enabling each of these institutions to expose their students to the best of world-class technology.

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Year of IT and English