Send Your Route To Your GPS Device or Share it With Others

Use Streets & Trips to plan your perfect route and then export it to your GPS device for easy navigation. You can also share routes from your favorite trips with friends and family.

Send Your Route To Your GPS Device1

Take the hassle out of navigating to meetings, appointments or your Aunt Micki’s in New York using the GPS features in Streets & Trips. Personal GPS devices can have small screens, few planning features and limited points of interest, but now you can plan your vacations or business trips in advance. Use Streets & Trips to export route information, pushpins, planned stops—like casinos, gas stations, parks and rest areas—to your GPS device for smoother, more enjoyable travel.

Before you hit the road, use Streets & Trips to optimize routes, find nearby places and try different combinations of stops and destinations to find your perfect balance of travel time and estimated fuel costs—then send it all to your GPS device. You’ll find the Send to GPS feature conveniently located on the Tools menu—simply click Send to GPS.
Note: Send to GPS is a North America only feature.

Send to GPS Is my GPS Device Compatible?

To see if your GPS device is compatible and to learn more about this feature, please visit Can’t find your device? You may want to check back to see if new devices have been added to this list.

Export to GPX2

Want to relive the memories of your trip with friends and family? Revisit details of great campgrounds or restaurants along the way? Use the Streets & Trips Create GPS trail option to easily share with others your trip routes including where you went and where you stopped along the way.

Streets & Trips can bundle trip route, pushpin and other information into a single file (.GPX) for easy exporting and sharing. On the Data menu, click Export to GPX file.

Export to GPS How it Works

Share your trip route and stops (in a GPX file) with your friends and colleagues by attaching the file to an email or by viewing it in other environments such as Bing maps, or Web sites and applications with GPX viewing support.

Additional information about using GPS features may be found in the Microsoft Streets & Trips help information that is included in the software. Start with the following topics:

  • Send data directly to your GPS navigation device
  • About importing and exporting .gpx data
  • Export .gpx data from Streets & Trips that you can use on your GPS navigation device or a web site
  • Import data into Streets & Trips using a .gpx file

To access the product help guide, open Streets & Trips and on the toolbar click the blue circle/question mark.