Stay On Track with High-Tech Tools

Staying focused while you're on the road is easier when you have high-tech tools. Whether you're using your GPS device with Streets & Trips, or Streets & Trips with GPS Locator, you'll have some added tools that make travel easier while you're in route.

Here's how these high-tech tools can help on the road.

Using Streets & Trips with GPS Locator

Stay focused on the road while Streets & Trips with GPS Locator talks you through each turn of your travel plan. It's easy.

  1. Create a route and then attach your GPS device to your laptop. Check to make sure your GPS device is receiving a signal.
  2. In the GPS Task pane, select Start/stop GPS tracking, then select Provide navigation check box.
  3. Read the safety warning and, to continue using Navigation, click I Agree.
  4. The Navigation pane opens below the map with the first instruction displaying. Use the buttons to the left of the map to repeat instructions or to turn off spoken instructions.
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Get Full Screen Navigation with Driving Guidance

While using Driving Guidance, get the full view with Full Screen navigation. To make it easier to follow your route, use Full Screen navigation. You can adjust the navigation features by using either keyboard shortcuts or an auto-hiding toolbar that has easy-to-see buttons.

Note: Full Screen navigation is open whenever you first start driving guidance.

  • To open Full Screen navigation: On the Standard toolbar, click Full Screen Map View. Or, press F11.
  • To close full screen navigation: On the Full Screen Navigation toolbar, click Exit. Or, press F11 again Tips


  • To quickly start driving guidance, click Driving Guidance Pane on the Standard toolbar.
  • Press the SPACEBAR to repeat the previous instruction, or press F7 to turn voice instruction off and on.
  • Recalculate your route at any time by pressing F3 or clicking Go (F3) in the GPS pane, under Routing.
  • If a speech engine is installed on your computer, voice instruction is on when you use driving guidance for the first time.
  • You can also start Driving Guidance by clicking its icon in the Standard toolbar.
  • Use the F3 function key to repeat the previous instruction.
  • Toggle voice instruction off and on with the F7 key.
  • Driving Guidance will stop if you are no longer receiving a GPS signal and it will automatically resume when you have a signal again.
  • If you prefer to use text instructions only, you can turn voice instruction off.
  • When you turn voice instruction off, it will remain off for the next time you use driving guidance. But don't worry, you can easily restart voice instruction at any time.
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Easily reverse your route

Whether you have trouble finding your way back when it's time to return to where you started, or you just want to record your route for future reference, Streets & Trips with GPS Locator makes it easy and automatic. Here's how to have Streets & Trips create a GPS trail of your trip:

  1. In the GPS pane, select Start/stop GPS tracking button.
  2. Select the Create GPS Trail check box.

Note: With this check box selected, the map display will update as you move to show a visual record of your route. If you save the map, the trail will be saved as well.

To view the latitude and longitude coordinates of your current location, open the GPS pane. Your latitude and longitude appear to the left of the compass.

Note: You can also see your latitude and longitude in the GPS Sensor dialog box, even when the GPS pane is closed. To have the GPS Sensor dialog box open automatically if the GPS pane is closed:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.
  2. On the Navigation tab, under Navigation screen, select the Show GPS Sensor. When GPS pane is closed check box, and then click OK


If you prefer, use the Tools menu to change GPS options by pointing to GPS, and then clicking a command on the submenu.