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Magazine Article—Product Review
"Never Lose Your Way: Streets & Trips 2009 is much more than just a mapping program"
, Denise Santoyo, MotorHome, August 2009
Streets & Trips has long been a favorite with RVers for its easy-to-use functionality and reasonable price point, but its new, detachable GPS allows you to add real-time GPS to any laptop, Windows Mobile-based Pocket PC or smart phone. Read more

Radio Program
"Into Tomorrow"
, Anne Quaranta, Microsoft Streets & Trips, October 30, 2009
Streets & Trips team member Anne Quaranta highlights features and functionality in Microsoft Streets & Trips with GPS Locator. (The Streets & Trips portion of this radio show begins at minute 20:20.)

News Press Release
"Get a Jump Start on Holiday Travel with Microsoft Streets & Trips"
, Microsoft Corporation, September 2, 2009
Planning a trip ahead of time and building in stops for meals, bathroom breaks, gas, and fun points of interest such as landmarks or museums is a surefire way to make sure everyone in the car has a smooth and enjoyable ride. With 1.7 million points of interest such as hotels, restaurants, and national parks, the new version of Microsoft Streets & Trips is a great way to handle every aspect of a trip from beginning to end. Read more

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