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RVing With Microsoft Streets & Trips

As active members of the Family Motor Coach Association, Illinois-based couple Lee and Diane Rudolph are no strangers to hitting the road. They bought a 42-foot RV in 2004 and have been exploring the United States since — visiting friends, family and all sorts of interesting places across the country. Lee and Diane have been using Microsoft Streets & Trips for the past four years to plan their road trips from start to finish.

"I use Microsoft Streets & Trips to build my trips in advance, but I also bring the product with me and use it along the way," Lee said. "I think the fact that Streets & Trips allows pre-planning really differentiates it from other products out there."

Microsoft Streets & Trips can also help when the unexpected comes up. On one occasion, Lee and Diane were driving between Arkansas and Texas and were able to track and avoid tornados by using Streets & Trips to create a route outside the counties experiencing the dangerous weather conditions. "At one point, we were actually passing in between two tornados," Lee said.

They are such big fans of the product that they are spreading the word to the rest of the RV community.

"Between Diane and me, we've done about eight to 12 demos of Microsoft Streets & Trips at two different RV rallies," Lee said. "Overall, the feedback has been extremely positive, and we've been receiving calls from people asking us to demonstrate the product again at upcoming RV events."

Lee and Diane find themselves using the mapping tools and Find Nearby Places feature the most frequently.

"From an RVer's perspective being able to plan my route in advance is key given there are many roads where semis and RVs are prohibited due to weight limitations," Lee said. "The Find Nearby Places feature is great for finding campgrounds, good restaurants and other places of interest to stop at along the way."

Lee and Diane intend to continue using Streets & Trips as they plan their future adventures on the road.

"I'm looking forward to see how Microsoft continues to evolve Microsoft Streets & Trips to better serve our needs out on the road," said Lee. "I really like the product — it's the best of the GPS products I've tried."

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