Applies to

Surface RT, Surface 2.

Operating system:

Microsoft Office 2013 RT

Surface 2 comes pre-installed with Microsoft Office 2013 RT apps, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook.

If you have a Surface RT, you can get Outlook and other Office apps when you upgrade from Windows RT to Windows RT 8.1.

Office 2013 RT shares many of the same features as Office 2013 on Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. To learn about the differences go to

Start the Office apps

To start an Office app, go to the Start screen and find the app tile or type the app name (for example, type Word and press Enter).

You can also start Office apps from the desktop:

From the Start screen, tap or click Desktop (or press Windows logo key windows logo+ D). If you don’t see the Desktop tile on the Start screen, swipe up and tap or click Desktop in the Apps list.

Once at the desktop, the Office apps appear on the taskbar. Tap or click an Office app on the taskbar.

Office apps tiles detail

Office Quick Start Guides

If you’re new to Office 2013, you can download free Quick Start Guides to help you get started. These printable guides have useful tips, shortcuts, and screenshots to help you find your way around.

Your Office files on any device

When you’re signed in with your Microsoft account, your Office documents are automatically saved on OneDrive by default. This way your Office documents are in one place, available from any PC, phone or other device that’s connected to the Internet.

Saving Office documents on OneDrive also makes it easy to share and work with other people. (If they don't have Office, they can view and edit documents that you share using free Office Online.) For more info, see Work together on Office documents in OneDrive.

File compatibility

Office 2013 apps can open files created with previous versions of Office. To check compatibility between Office 2013 and previous versions of Office, see Check file compatibility with earlier versions.

Touch, pen, and language support

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