Flowers - Oh Joy!

Joy Deangdeelert Cho is a graphic designer and blogger who worked with numerous fashion clients in New York before launching her own business in 2005. She now lives in Los Angeles and designs textiles, packaging and branding for clients in the fashion and food industries. She also consults for other creative businesses, writes books about managing creative-based businesses and sells her line of stationery, home office and wallpaper products nationwide.

Year of the Snake - Liu Qing (aka “Left”)

Liu Qing (aka: LEFT) is a well-known Shanghai designer who has spent time at several top ad agencies, working with tons of brands and garnering industry awards for her collage, hand-drawn and graphic styles. LEFT is one of the leading creatives pushing neo-traditional style, a mashup of traditional Chinese elements and modern aesthetics.

Skulls - Kate Bailey

Currently an industrial designer at Microsoft, Kate Bailey goes to work each day to conceptualise and design hardware for Microsoft Surface. Kate joined Microsoft shortly after graduating from California College of the Arts, having previously gained work experience at several design firms in San Francisco. Now back in her native Seattle, Kate also runs a small experimental design studio Free Time in partnership with architect Amber Murray. Kate’s firm specialises in concept projects ranging from technology to lifestyle, and is currently wrapping up a collaboration with Stacey Rozich, among other projects.

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