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There’s no limit to what you can achieve with the versatility and power of Surface.

Pen and mice

Surface Pen Tip Kit NEW

Choose a pen tip with the right feel for you. Use the medium tip for the familiarity of a #2 pencil, or swap it with a low friction tip similar to a fine ballpoint pen. Pen Tip Kit is only compatible with the new Surface Pen.





Surface Pen NEW

Experience the ultimate modern writing experience with Surface Pen. Write, draw, or mark-up documents digitally. Write and erase naturally with a working eraser on the end. The new Surface Pen works with Surface Book, Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 3, and Surface 3.





Surface Pen

Write, draw and create on your Surface just as you would on paper. Choose from four vibrant colors. Designed for Surface Pro 3, Surface Pen is a great tool for taking notes, sketching, or just taking a screenshot.



Bright Blue


Bright red

Surface Pen Loop

Attach Pen Loop to your Cover to keep your Surface Pen close at hand.

Wedge Touch Mouse

Wedge Touch Mouse coordinates with Surface in both style and substance. Small enough to fit in your pocket, Wedge Mouse connects wirelessly to your Surface.

Arc Touch Mouse

Arc Touch Mouse is designed to conform to your hand – and flattens for easy portability and storage. Connects to your Surface via Bluetooth. Eye-catching and stylish.


Surface Pro 3 Bundle

Maximize your productivity with the Surface Pro 3 Bundle. Includes Surface Pro 3, choice of Type Cover and Surface sleeve, 2-year warranty, and 1 year of Office 365.

Surface 3 Bundle

Maximize your productivity with the Surface 3 Bundle. Includes Surface 3, choice of Surface Pen, Type Cover, and Surface sleeve, Microsoft Complete Accident Protection.


Xbox One Wired Controller + Cable for Windows

This Surface-compatible controller brings the feel of the Xbox One to your PC. If you love PC gaming, then this is what you've been waiting for.

Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows (Black)

Get increased flexibility and precision control at your fingertips with this wireless controller.

Xbox 360 Controller for Windows (Wired)

With this controller, you get flexibility, precision control, and quality right at your fingertips.

Power & docks

Surface Dock NEW

Surface Dock instantly transforms your ultraportable Surface into a desktop PC. Simply plug in the SurfaceConnectTM cable to charge your device and access external monitors, a keyboard, mouse, and more.

65W Power Supply NEW

Quickly charge your Surface Book with the versatile 65W Power Supply. The 65W Power Supply quickly recharges the battery and the USB port allows you to charge another device at the same time.

Surface 3 Docking Station

Instantly connect to your HD monitor, wired network, audio system, full-size keyboard, printer, and more with the Docking Station designed for Surface 3.

Surface Pro 3 Docking Station

Instantly connect all of your favorite accessories to your Surface Pro 3.

Docking Station

Instantly connect all of your favorite accessories to your Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2.

Surface 3 Power Supply

Charge up your Surface 3 with the 13W Micro USB Power Supply. Use the standard USB to micro USB cable to charge other devices like a smartphone or tablet.

Surface Pro 3 Power Supply

Snap in the 36W Power Supply and power up your Surface Pro 3 fast.

Keyboard Covers

Surface Pro 4 Type Cover with Fingerprint ID NEW

Experience the convenience of instantly unlocking your device with one simple touch, and the freedom of never having to worry about remembering a password again.

Bright Blue





Surface Pro 4 Type Cover NEW

Our next generation of Type Cover offers the most advanced Surface typing experience yet. It feels and performs like a traditional laptop keyboard, with optimal key spacing for fast and fluid typing and an enlarged glass trackpad for precision control.





Surface Pro Type Cover

One of the thinnest keyboards around, Type Cover turns your Surface Pro 3 into a premium laptop.



Bright Red


Surface 3 Type Cover

Turn your Surface 3 into a laptop with Type Cover. Available in bright new colors with backlit keys.





Type Cover 2

The speed and comfort of a classic keyboard in a super-thin, lightweight design. Designed for Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2.

Touch Cover 2

Unbelievably thin and light, the click-in keyboard for Surface RT, Surface 2, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 has illuminated keys so you can work anytime, anywhere.

Surface Power Cover

The battery you can type on. Work through the night, or through an entire flight. The features of a classic keyboard, with the added boost of extra battery power for your Surface 2. Surface Pro, or Surface Pro 2.


Wireless Display Adapter NEW

Display your tablet, laptop, or smartphone on an HDTV or monitor. Stream your favorite movies, view vacation photos, or show a presentation – all wirelessly. Works with all Miracast® enabled Windows 10 phones, tablets and laptops, including the Surface line up. Internet access not required for use.

Surface Mini DisplayPort to HDMI AV Adapter NEW

Connect your Surface to an HDMI-compatible display to share pictures or videos on your big-screen HDTV. Compatible with all Surface models.

Surface Mini DisplayPort to VGA Adapter NEW

Plug Surface into VGA-compatible displays, monitors or projectors to share your pictures, videos, and big ideas. Compatible with all Surface models.

Surface USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter NEW

Connect to your network using the Surface USB 3.0 Ethernet Adapter with data transfer rates of up to 1 Gbps - up to 10x faster than USB 2.0. Compatible with all Surface models.


HEX Surface 3 Sleeve

Padded and lined with lush faux fur, this eye-catching Surface 3 sleeve protects your Surface 3 from bumps and bruises as you cruise through your day.

Black/Grey Chevron


HEX Surface 3 Sleeve (Black/Grey Chevron)

Padded and lined with lush faux fur, this eye-catching Surface 3 sleeve protects your Surface 3 from bumps and bruises as you cruise through your day.

Incipio Chi Surface Sleeve (Black)

You want to keep your Surface tablet safe and secure, and why not be stylish too? The Incipio Chi Surface sleeve has you covered.



Incipio Roosevelt Folio for Surface 3

With a vegan leather exterior and soft suede microfiber interior, this slim, lightweight folio provides optimal protection for your Surface 3 with Type Cover.

Greene + Gray Surface Pro 3 Sleeve (Burgundy houndstooth)

This padded and fleece-lined Surface Pro 3 sleeve has a clutch strap and rear zip pocket. It's water-resistant, airport security ready, and has genuine leather zipper pulls.

HEX Surface Pro 3 Sleeve (Blue)

Transport your Surface Pro 3 in distinct HEX style with this fleece-lined and padded sleeve. Made of a water-resistant material, it keeps your laptop safe from the elements. And it has a large pocket, perfect for your Surface accessories, wallet, and phone.

HEX Gallery 13-Inch Laptop Sleeve (Red)

Designed for Surface Pro 3, the HEX Gallery Sleeve features padded, fleece lining to keep your device safe. It's constructed with a water resistant non-pilling woven material, giving your laptop added protection from the elements.

Incipio Ronin 13-Inch Laptop Sleeve (Olive)

Get stylish and durable protection for your laptop with the 13-inch Ronin sleeve. It's made of tough waxed canvas to protect against everyday wear and tear, and has a water-resistant sealed zipper closure.





Incipio Roosevelt Folio for Surface Pro 3

With its vegan leather exterior and soft suede microfiber interior, the slim, lightweight Roosevelt Folio provides ultimate protection for your Surface Pro 3 with Type Cover.



Kate Spade Slip Sleeve for Surface Pro 3

Fit for the runway, this slip sleeve fits your Surface Pro 3 like a posh dinner glove. It’s designed by the iconic Kate Spade, so it’s certain to attract admiring glances from fellow fashionistas.

Knomo Foley Surface Pro Cross Body Sleeve (Brown)

Stylish, sophisticated, and smart. This cross-body sleeve securely protects your Surface Pro or any tablet up to 12 inches from life’s bumps.

Maroo Synthetic Leather Folio for Surface Pro 3 (Dark Brown)

Made from high quality synthetic leather and dark woolen felt, this folio case for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is the perfect choice when you're on the go.

Maroo Leather Folio for Surface Pro 3

The patented SG Bumper chassis keeps your Surface Pro 3 protected against drops, falls, and other accidents.

Protect my Surface

Surface Screen Protector

Protect your Surface from scratches, smudges, and chips with this tempered glass screen protector. Works with Surface Pen.

PlexShield Flexible Glass Screen

Protect your Surface Pro 3 tablet screen from scratches, smudges, fingerprints, and dust. Flexible Glass offers slim and durable coverage, and won't interfere with screen visibility.

Incipio Screen Protector for Microsoft Surface

Built to fit all Surface tablets, this easy-to-apply protective screen repels dust, prevents scratches, and is easy to remove and wash.

Incipio PLEX™ Self-Healing Screen Protector for Microsoft Surface

The Incipio Self-Healing Screen Protector for Microsoft Surface, Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 protects your Surface tablet screen from nicks and surface damage.

Incipio Clear/Anti-Fingerprint Screen Protector for Surface Pro

This full-screen protector not only repels dust and reduces glare, but is also fingerprint-resistant and helps prevent scratches and smudges for optimal viewing.

Microsoft Complete Extended Service Plan for Surface

Get the most from your Surface with the extended service and support plan from Microsoft which provides coverage for hardware damage and two years of technical support.

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