Artist Jasper Wong wearing baseball cap touching the screen of his Surface Pro 4 in front of a black brick wall with painted mural

Designed on Surface.

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Artist Jasper Wong standing on a hydraulic lift, painting on brick wall
Jasper Wong

United States

Artist Bao drawing elaborate white illustrative patterns in white on a see through pane
Artist Andreas Preis standing on bench painting  colorful wall mural outdoors
Andreas Preis


Artist Frankie Cihi wearing large brimmed hat looking into camera with artistic, dramatic light higlighting her facial features
Frankie Cihi


Artist Mulga wearing cap standing next to elaborate mural of a man wearing sunglasses on a wall


Artist Odeith wearing breathing guard while signing a graffiti mural with spraypaint


Artist Dave Persue in black cap looking into camera with low sunlight higlighting his face in front of a large outdoor mural
Dave Persue

United States

Elaborate, colorful painting depicting a bird
Pablito Zago


Artist Lucas Aoki sitting at desk surrounded by brushes and spraypaint cans, drawing on his Surface Pro 4 screen with Surface Pen
Lucas Aoki

United States

Artist Wonderlust holding Surface Pro 4 under his arm, standing in front of brick wall with colorful handwriting painted on it


Artist Rosh standing in front of a graffiti wall facing camera with his hands in his jacket pockets
Rosh 333


Street view of a blue building with colorful graffiti adorning the façade
Ano & Bounce


Artist Akmal standing on stepladder holding can of spraypaint, working on a graffiti mural


Red building with colorful graffiti mural painted on its side
POW! WOW! Tokyo


Artist Ink wearing breathing guard taking a photo of an Artist Clog working on a painted mural with his Surface tablet
Ink & Clog


Artist Andrea Wan in colorful sweater hunched over drawing
Andrea Wan


Low building entrance with a mural of a hand drawing a hummingbird on both sides of the door


The world map, painted in yellow on a white brick wall with blue dots signifying cities painted on it
Woman on ladder wearing a hardhat, painting a wall mural

About the project.

Microsoft partnered with local artists and creative professionals in 12 countries. Every mural represents the unique view of a local artist, inspired by what it means to do great things.
An Artist's hand holding a Surface Pro 4 with illutration of a hand drawing a humming bird on the screen while standing in front of a wall with the same image as a mural

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