Meet Surface

The one device for everything in your life.

Law students with a garage band. Developers dabbling in design. In today’s world, boundaries are fading. This new mentality requires a new type of tool—one that enables us to both conceive and construct. To both dream and do.

This is why Surface exists. Because if we never do, it’s as if we never dreamt at all.

Forward. Thinking.

Built with tomorrow in mind, Surface redefines what it means to both work and play on a single device. Pushing the technology envelope in both form and style, the future looks pretty amazing.

Beautiful. Functional.

From its elegant lines to its flexible form factor, Surface was designed to fit your life—with style.

Level. Up.

You don’t have to be tied to your desk to play great games. With Surface, get a new high score wherever you are.

Productive. Constructive.

Whether it’s churning out the latest project plan or catching up on email, Surface is ready.

Intelligent. Intuitive.

Surface is a natural extension of Windows 8. You can intuitively type, tap, and swipe your way around.

  • Always. On.

    OneDrive is the default storage location on Surface. Now you can access all your files anywhere you happen to be.

  • Get. Apps.

    The Windows Store has thousands of apps you can download today. Paired with the Surface touchscreen? Now that’s good fun.

  • Watch. Listen.

    With Xbox Music and Video, Surface is your all-in-one entertainment device. Easily transfer your music from iTunes.

Custom. Fit.

Like a tailored suit, there’s a Surface that fits your life perfectly. Find the device that’s right for you.

Big. Night.

Surface is behind the scenes on music’s biggest night, the GRAMMY®s.