Back up photos, documents, and more

OneDrive and File History are two ways you can back up your photos, documents, and other important files on your Surface.

Applies to

Surface Pro 3, Surface 3, Surface Pro 2, Surface 2, Surface Pro, Surface RT.

Use OneDrive

Use OneDrive to back up your files, and even your PC settings. For more info, see Get started with OneDrive.

Use File History

Alternatively, you can use File History to back up files automatically. If the originals are lost, damaged, or deleted, you can restore all of them. You can also find different versions of your files from a specific point in time.

Before you can start using File History to back up your files, you need to set up a drive to save files to. We recommend that you use an external drive or network location to help protect your files against a crash or other PC problem.

For info about setting up a drive, see Set up a drive for File History.

For File History troubleshooting and help, see What if something goes wrong in File History?

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