Ukrainian Media Company Grows Revenues with CRM System

Vesti Mass Media, a leading Ukrainian media company, needed an automated system to manage its advertising sales processes. It has several high profile media channels, ranging from newspapers to TV, and manually managing customer relationships and ad sales across these channels was next to impossible. To automate these processes it implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for publishing, and has seen a dramatic improvement in management and increased revenues.

Vesti Mass Media is one of Ukraine’s leading media companies. Founded in early 2013, the company has quickly risen to take high rankings in circulation and audience reach. It publishes a daily newspaper, Vesti, a weekly magazine Reporter, and has a news website. It also has a radio station Vesti Radio and is involved in the production of TV programs. The newspaper has a daily circulation of 375,000, the magazine is published in 50,000 copies, and the web site receives 300,000 unique visitors each day.

*Within six months of using Dynamics CRM we could see radical differences. It’s not only improved our management processes, but is also driving up our revenues.*

Igor Koroliak
Vesti Mass Media

Like any media company, Vesti Mass Media is heavily dependent on advertising revenues and, given the popularity of its publications and programs, attracts a lot of advertising revenue. However, the sale and management of advertising across its media channels is a complex process. For example, not only must ads be planned, timed and managed across the layout and scheduling process, but client relationships need to be fostered and managed. This ranges from supporting the client through the process by providing financial information, audience figures and other factors that govern the process such as the client relationship history.

The company lacked a unified customer database, which meant there were no clearly defined business processes, leading to a lack of control and not enough understanding of sales plans. There was also a need to ensure that advertising didn’t conflict with news stories, for example, flight ads next to a news story about an air disaster. Igor Koroliak, CIO at Vesti Mass Media, explains: “Trying to manage our processes manually was simply impossible. Following discussions with our technology partner, Tech Standard, we decided to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011, which we knew would meet all our needs.”

Speedy Implementation
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 for publishing was implemented within a short time frame and integrated with various existing systems including an accounting solution, document management processes developed on Microsoft SharePoint, an editorial system and Microsoft cloud services. The system was being used by sales managers within two weeks of implementation, with an emphasis on the sales, marketing and goals management components of Dynamics CRM.

Through Integration to Results
The results to date have been quite impressive. The new solution has improved client outreach, enabling a sales person to deliver increased sales by selling ad space months ahead of publication. Company sales have also increased as sales people can now connect clients to additional sales channels such as magazine, Internet editions of publications, radio and TV. Marketing campaigns are also easier to monitor with Dynamics CRM also being used to create and implement campaigns, while at the same time complex analytical reports can be generated in under one minute.

Dynamics CRM is integrated with Atex Prestige Manager, an industrial publishing solution that manages scheduling and design of newspaper and advertising space in every released and planned edition. This approach allows managers a complete overview of the releases and customers, and on the other side the integration with the accounting system allows every manager to know, in real time, if this advertising space was already paid or is scheduled to be paid.

Happier Customers, Increased Revenues
Igor Koroliak adds: “Within six months of using Dynamics CRM we could see radical differences. Customer relationships are not only easier to manage, but we can also see new opportunities more clearly and provide our customers with greater advertising opportunities.” Integration of Dynamics CRM with the customer site increased the number of subscribers, and customers are now able to subscribe for print editions directly from the site. “It’s not only improved our management processes, but is also driving up our revenues,” concludes Koroliak.

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Document published February 2014

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