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Associated Capsules Pharma Manufacturer Optimizes IT Budgeting and Management

Associated Capsules, a pharmaceutical manufacturing major, with world class manufacturing facilities wanted to focus internally on its processes. Extending its quality and process focus to its IT infrastructure, the company standardized procedures to manage its hardware and software assets cost effectively. Adhering to these standards will ensure better planning, budgeting and management.

Business Needs

Associated Capsules is one of the world's largest producers of empty hard gelatin capsules. The entire range of capsule sizes are manufactured, including special features such as four color printing. The company is known for precision in manufacturing, intensive in-process controls reinforced by rigorous statistical techniques and analysis. 

Close to the international airport and the seaport, the company's three plants at Mumbai, Dahanu in the suburbs of Mumbai, and Shirwal near Pune, Associated Capsules service about 1000 customers worldwide.

“We meet all global standards such the Drug Master File and those set by World Health Organization. We wanted to extend the quality focus to our non-core assets such as information technology,” explains Mr. Karan Singh, Managing Director, ACG Worldwide.


With this thought the organization invited Deloitte to help it audit its IT processes and suggest areas of improvement. “We wanted to bring in consistency, uniformity and compliance,” he adds.

Deloitte undertook a detailed IT audit of the 1200 desktops and laptops and 6 servers across the three locations.

Audit: The process compares existing IT practices with Industry’s best practices

Discovery: Understanding IT asset deployment and usage

Renew: Update policies and procedures, training staff to move to a more cost-effective licensing model

Maintenance: Ensure that the processes are followed and is regularly reviewed

Deloitte found that the 600 desktops and laptops were on various versions of operating system such as Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Windows Vista. In addition various versions of productivity tools were also in use. This made helpdesk and support a challenge for the organization.

As a part of the audit, Deloitte made recommendations to the organization on:

A clear structured approach to managing software assets, with regular updates and reviews

Tracking IT assets every quarter or every six months

Review of all IT policies and procedures on an annual basis.


“Our computers and software are assets that we invest in. We now have a clear understanding on how to treat it as an asset, how to re-deploy and retire it,” explains Mr. Karan Singh.

Knowing our Software Assets

A big step forward for Associated Capsules has been the clarity in what it owns across locations, and what software is running on each machine. The second step that has helped is precise knowledge on whether the software is appropriately licensed or not. “We didn’t realize that it would take us less than a week to review and understand our software assets and processes. The accuracy of information makes us move towards thought through decisions on IT purchases in the future,” explains Vilas Pujari, Chief Information Officer, ACG Worldwide.

Clear, Concise Processes Improves IT Management

As a process driven organization, Associated Capsules understood the value of laying down well grounded, industry best practices into its IT management as well. With processes and policies defining what software should be issued to various employees at different levels, the company is able to standardize quality of service.

Planning and Budgeting Accurately

In addition, the IT purchases can be finalized based on the organization’s growth plans. “Implementing a SAM process ensures that we have a clear budget for our requirements for the current financial plan based on various key factors such as new locations, new employees, including replacement for hardware and software that will be retired over the next 12 months,” explains Mr. Pujari.

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Associated Capsules, is one of the world's largest producers of empty hard gelatin capsules. With 1000 customers worldwide, it clocks INR 900 crore (U.S.$ 460 million) is revenues in 2009-2010.



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