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Rypos Clean-Technology Provider Uses ERP System to Manage and Grow Complex Business

Rypos, a provider of clean technology that reduces diesel emissions in a variety of applications, had outgrown its Intuit QuickBooks system and required a solution that would let it perform efficient financial management in integration with manufacturing operations. After reviewing a number of possible systems, Rypos engaged with Microsoft partner Altico Advisors to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP as its ERP system. The company set up Microsoft Dynamics GP to support its complex manufacturing scenarios, provide serial and lot traceability, and facilitate streamlined financial management. With the solution in place, Rypos reduced the time needed for month-end closing by half. In addition, company managers use the solution’s reporting capabilities for a real-time, comprehensive view of business events, which provides them with better control of the company’s performance and direction. 

* With Microsoft Dynamics GP, we can mature and grow as we deliver clean technology to our diverse markets. Our new ERP system is the cornerstone of our IT strategy. *

Don Simoneau,
CFO, Rypos

Business Needs

Rypos, based in Holliston, Massachusetts, is an innovative clean-technology provider that provides intelligent, self-cleaning particulate filtration systems for diesel engines. Unlike traditional catalytic converters, emissions reduction solutions from Rypos work with almost any exhaust temperature or engine load condition. The company sells into highly environmentally regulated markets and is growing its business with customers concerned about environmental sustainability. Typical customers include refrigerated trucking fleets, ports, and facilities that require dependable standby power, such as hospitals and data centers.

Founded in 1996, Rypos spent several years on research and building prototypes before starting to meet customer needs by manufacturing products. An implementation of Intuit QuickBooks financial software met the company’s needs early on but was unable to support first-in-first-out (FIFO) inventory accounting practices and lacked integration with Rypos’s third-party manufacturing application. Through a connector, managers could move data between the two systems every month, but the function was unreliable and unable to provide real-time business information.

Rypos was ready for a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that included financial management. Don Simoneau, CFO at Rypos, explains, “In addition to a robust financial management system with dynamic reporting and close integration across functional areas, we had to have lifecycle serial and lot traceability for the parts that go into our products. We required this so that we could provide answers to customers or regulators if ever they had a concern. We also needed to support both built-to-order and built-for-stock manufacturing.” In addition, Rypos wanted to have the option to integrate the ERP system with the company’s existing or new customer relationship management system.


Simoneau and his team evaluated five leading ERP systems, including Microsoft Dynamics GP. Following a recommendation by Microsoft, Rypos connected with Altico Advisors, a Microsoft partner with a Gold Enterprise Resource Planning competency. Matching Rypos’s requirements list with demonstrations of solution capabilities, Altico made a successful case for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

In the implementation, technologists from Rypos and Altico collaborated in migrating the company’s historical data to the new ERP system. In addition to Microsoft Dynamics GP, Altico also deployed F9, a reporting tool that connects the ERP system with Microsoft Excel for reporting and data analysis and lets Rypos build dynamic financial statements in Excel. With Microsoft SQL Server as the centralized repository for all business information, managers can conduct comprehensive reporting and insightful data analysis.

The implementation completed smoothly. As Simoneau comments, “In my career, I’ve worked through several ERP implementations, so I know what can happen in these complex projects. We were delighted to complete the implementation facilitated by Altico Advisors on time and, just as important, under budget. It helped that Altico had technology experts with a deep understanding of manufacturing.”

At Rypos, 10 employees in administrative, sales, procurement, and manufacturing management roles use the new ERP system. Several executives and engineers are light users who access Microsoft Dynamics GP from time to time to review specific information. “Light-user licenses are an affordable, economic way to give people access to information in the ERP system without purchasing full user licenses,” adds Simoneau.


For Rypos, Microsoft Dynamics GP functions as an extremely reliable ERP system that reflects the company’s complex business model. “With Microsoft Dynamics GP, we can focus on growing our business both with innovative companies that embrace sustainability and with the logistics providers and other customers who need to comply with regulatory mandates,” says Simoneau.

Streamlined Financial Management and Relevant Reporting

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, Rypos can practice efficient financial management in a way that optimally fits the company’s business. Says Simoneau, “We reduced the time needed for month-end closing by half, because it is much easier to access comprehensive information, get to the right level of detail for a given query, and rely on the integrity of the data. As the CFO, that also gives me more control over business events, which helps my peace of mind.”

By implementing Microsoft Dynamics GP, Rypos was also able to meet one of its key criteria: facilitating FIFO accounting. “Other products also support FIFO, but we are very happy with the solution’s level of FIFO enablement,” says Simoneau. “We are also most impressed with the reporting capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics GP, which have resulted in significant improvements, especially regarding the reporting on manufacturing operations.” Rypos expects to make more intense use of these capabilities, developing more targeted and detailed reports as the business demands.

Increased Accountability to Customers and Regulators

Following the implementation, Rypos employees entered details pertaining to the traceability of components and materials used in the company’s products into the new ERP system. Today, Rypos has full serial and lot traceability. As Simoneau explains, “With Microsoft Dynamics GP, we have an effective vehicle to collect and manage critical information. We frequently sell into highly regulated industries, where customers purchase clean technology to be in compliance with regulatory mandates. Serial and lot traceability helps us ensure the highest possible accountability for the consistent quality standards of our products.”

Effective Management of Complex Manufacturing Operations

The complex Rypos manufacturing business model, which combines made-to-order, custom manufacturing and made-to-stock production of high-demand products, is completely manageable through Microsoft Dynamics GP. “We can accommodate both of our manufacturing disciplines in a very flexible ERP system,” says Simoneau. “Microsoft Dynamics GP helps us keep the complexity in our business under control, assess the financial impact of manufacturing activities, and run a productive operation.”


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Rypos produces intelligent emissions reduction solutions built on the company’s patented electrically self-regenerating filters for diesel engines, enabling companies to minimize harmful emissions.


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