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Avtenta IT Provider Improves Availability and Mobile Access to Email with Messaging Upgrade

Avtenta, a member of Telekom Slovenia Group, not only deploys Microsoft Exchange Server for its customers; it relies on Exchange Server for email communications that are critical to its business processes. With the majority of its staff working at customer locations, reliable remote and local access to email is essential. Avtenta upgraded to Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 to provide consistent remote access to email for its employees, ease administration of the email system, and ensure a highly available solution.

Business Needs
Avtenta is a leading information and communication technology company in Slovenia. It helps its clients improve their operations through more efficient communications and business systems. Clients find they can improve the accessibility of information, improve workflows, and make better business decisions by taking advantage of Avtenta solutions. As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network with multiple Gold competencies, Avtenta deploys many unified communications solutions using Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Lync Server. It also hosts customer mailboxes on Exchange Server.

Avtenta has about 150 employees who primarily use the Microsoft Outlook 2010 messaging and collaboration client to access their email messages. Mobile access is critical because the majority of Avtenta employees spend time outside of the office at customer locations. While onsite, they must have access to email to continue to support other customers and to collaborate with colleagues. When employees don’t have their computers with them, they frequently access email from their mobile phones. Avtenta supports a mix of mobile devices, using both RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server and Exchange ActiveSync to deliver messages to phones.

* Administrators can now access the Exchange Administration Center management console from any computer, which means they can support customer deployments from any location. *

Tine Švajger
Systems Engineer, Avtenta

Avtenta demands a lot from its email environment. In addition to its internal deployment, Avtenta also provides hosted mailboxes for its customers. Because Avtenta and its customers depend on the reliability of the system, Avtenta musta ensure the solution is deployed with the latest high availability capabilities. Avtenta deployed Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 soon after its release in 2010 and found the solution reliable and easy to manage.

Because of its great experience with Exchange Server 2010, Avtenta participated in the Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Rapid Deployment Program to gain early access to the latest version of Exchange Server to enhance its internal email solution and to understand how its customers would benefit from the latest messaging capabilities.

Avtenta has deployed Exchange Server 2013 for about 50 employees. It deployed a fully redundant architecture with two servers that each have a co-located mailbox and Client Access Server role. Avtenta uses a database availability group to keep two copies of the mailbox data on the company’s storage area network.

Administrators at Avtenta are happy with the Exchange Administration Center, which provides a single, web-based unified management console that is easy to use. Avtenta also uses the Windows PowerShell command-line interface to do many administration tasks, such as migrating mailboxes at customer sites.

Avtenta employees like using the updated Outlook Web App for their mobile phones. They can take advantage of the touchscreen interfaces and also access apps for Outlook, such as Bing Maps and LinkedIn, and improved contact management. Avtenta will also upgrade to Microsoft Outlook 2013 so that employees have a consistent user experience on their PCs and mobile phones.

Avtenta plans to upgrade to Microsoft Lync Server 2013 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 in the near future. After it deploys these solutions, Avtenta looks forward to taking advantage of features that work across the solutions, such as Lync contact cards and presence indicators, and site mailboxes in conjunction with SharePoint Server. Site mailboxes improve collaboration and employee productivity by enabling access to SharePoint documents and email messages from Outlook.

By participating in the early adopter program and upgrading to Exchange Server 2013 prior to the official release of the software, Avtenta improved its internal email environment and gained valuable experience that it can pass on to its customers.
  • Reduced cost for high availability. Because the Client Access Server is now stateless, it has much simpler load balancing requirements and can be co-located with a mailbox server even in a high-availability configuration. “With the simplified architecture of Exchange Server 2013, we could deploy the solution on only two physical servers and save money on servers and administration,” says Tine Švajger, Systems Engineer at Avtenta.

  • Simplified administration interfaces. The Exchange Administration Center is now the single management console for all Exchange Server administration tasks, and it is completely web-based. “Administrators can now access the Exchange Administration Center management console from any computer, which means they can support customer deployments from any location,” says Švajger.

  • Improved mobile access. Mobile employees can now enjoy a consistent user interface for Outlook Web App on their mobile devices. Employees who are away from their computers can also access Outlook Web App from any computer with an Internet connection.

  • Enhanced interoperation.The upgrade to Lync Server 2013 and SharePoint Server 2013 will open new possibilities for collaboration with site mailboxes and improved Lync contact cards.

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Headquartered in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Avtenta is a member of Telekom Slovenia Group. It is one of the leading information and communication technology companies in Slovenia with 150 employees.

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