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Axiltia Consulting Technologies IT Services Provider Expands Security Solutions with Client Security Product

Axiltia Consulting Technologies, an IT services provider based in Mexico, specializes in implementing security solutions for server software based on Microsoft® technology. The company wanted to provide a client security solution as well, but it found most products from other vendors too difficult to deploy and manage. To build business and deliver customers more comprehensive protection, Axiltia became an early adopter of Microsoft Forefront™ Client Security, part of the Microsoft Forefront line of business security products.  Easier deployment helps Axiltia enhance efficiency, and the company anticipates that increasing customer demand for streamlined security management will drive business growth. For example, simplified administration helps customers reduce overhead and the need for external support. As a result, they have more resources available to invest in solutions from Axiltia.


* We can implement Forefront Client Security in 40 percent less time than it takes to deploy other products currently on the market.  *
Salvador Valdez
Chief Executive Officer
Axiltia Consulting Technologies
Axiltia Consulting Technologies delivers IT security solutions to customers throughout Mexico and other Latin American countries. Customers come from a wide variety of industries, including education, government, financial services, and telecommunications. The Axiltia team manages the complete implementation cycle, from preliminary assessment and analysis through deployment and post-implementation support. Customers vary in size, from small businesses to multinational corporations with thousands of employees.

As a Microsoft® Certified Partner since 2005, Axiltia offers comprehensive security solutions to help customers protect their collaboration and messaging systems and network perimeters. Solutions include Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server, Intelligent Application Gateway, and products from the Microsoft Forefront line of business security tools—the company was an early adapter of Microsoft Forefront™ Security for Exchange Server and Forefront Security for SharePoint®.

Axiltia has implemented Microsoft Forefront solutions for more than 50 satisfied customers in the industrial, government and financial sectors. The resulting business growth from Forefront deployment encouraged the company to try Forefront Client Security as soon as it was released.

As a small-sized systems integrator, Axiltia gives the adoption of new products serious consideration. To increase both profit margins and customer satisfaction, Axiltia looks for products such as Forefront Client Security that are easy for a small work force to implement. For example, by using wizards and tools like Windows Server® Update Services the company can automate routine deployment tasks. The Forefront solutions are also easy to implement because they work well with existing IT infrastructure. Many customers use Microsoft Operations Manager and Systems Management Server, and Axiltia helps integrate these System Center Management products with new security solutions. Efficient implementation helps make each deployment more profitable, and the company can build business with larger customers.

Most of the solutions Axiltia delivers help customers secure systems from Internet-based threats. As collaboration and application delivery increasingly revolves around Internet traffic, Axiltia customers are concerned about protecting client devices and applications as well as server systems. Yet managing security for multiple systems can be cumbersome, and Axiltia customers typically want to move away from using multiple vendors and interfaces. “Customers were spending too much time managing security,” says Salvador Valdez, Chief Executive Officer, Axiltia Consulting Technologies. “They had to integrate information from disparate sources, which made it difficult to analyze and respond to threats effectively.”

However, Axiltia was reluctant to install any of the client security software currently available. It found most products too difficult to deploy and manage. Instead, Axiltia looked for a client security product that would complement its other security solutions. The company wanted to offer customers unified, easily managed protection of client software and devices.


* With Forefront Client Security, our customers can manage their client security through a single console. No other solution allows them to do that with as much ease as Forefront.  *
Salvador Valdez
Chief Executive Officer
Axiltia Consulting Technologies
Axiltia began evaluating client security solutions in January 2007. The company assessed products from vendors such as Symantec and Trend Micro. It found that deployment was too time-consuming and thought that the products did not integrate well with the customers’ technology environment. Axiltia knew that it needed to continue looking for a solution for its customers.

 The company had recently implemented Forefront Security for Exchange Server for a customer with 350,000 employees, and wanted a client security product that could be deployed easily on an equally large scale. Thus, when Axiltia learned that Microsoft was preparing to launch Forefront Client Security, the company was eager to try a prerelease version of the product.

Axiltia first tested the security solution internally aided by information provided through Microsoft TechNet, an online resource for IT professionals. The company also asked a customer to evaluate the product. Axiltia found that, in contrast to previously evaluated client security solutions, Forefront Client Security was easy to install and integration with the existing IT infrastructure was virtually seamless. In fact, Valdez estimates, “We can implement Forefront Client Security in 40 percent less time than it takes to deploy other products currently on the market.”

The company was satisfied that the security solution would meet both its own business goals and its customers’ needs, and began offering the prerelease version of the product in April 2007.  Since then, it has been implementing proofs of concept and pilot projects supported by the Microsoft technical and marketing team, and it has already completed five full implementations of the final version after the product’s release in June 2007.

Axiltia has more than 30 implementations of Forefront Client Security scheduled and customers are also expressing interest in proofs of concept that include both Forefront Client Security and Microsoft System Center products like Systems Management Server and Operations Manager. Easier management has been a top priority for the company’s customers, who want to centrally monitor their systems and update software on their client devices with minimal effort.


Microsoft Forefront Client Security can be deployed quickly and easily, which helps Axiltia improve efficiency and increase profits. Centralized management features appeal to customers, and the company anticipates increased business as a result. In addition, easier administration helps customers manage their own client security system, which in turn helps Axiltia focus on creating other growth opportunities.

Increases Profits by 30 Percent

Axiltia found that the security solution was easy to deploy and fits well into its implementation strategy. The company deploys software, including Forefront Client Security, with its software distributions system. Forefront Client Security deploys as a single client package that includes all protection and management capabilities.

Automated application delivery saves time, and Valdez estimates a 30 percent increase in profits from the sale of Forefront Client Security implementation services. The security solution also helps the company improve ongoing support, says Valdez. For example, “If a customer hires a new employee, the employee just connects to our server and it automatically deploys the client agent.”

* We already deliver server-based security solutions to customers throughout Mexico, and it makes sense to expand our role in the market with Forefront Client Security.  *
Salvador Valdez
Chief Executive Officer
Axiltia Consulting Technologies

Simplifies Management

Forefront Client Security generates interest in Axiltia customers because it offers the advantage of enhanced security with easier management. Customers can use the familiar interface to monitor their systems and for administrative functions like configuration changes and signature updates. “With Forefront Client Security, our customers can manage their client security through a single console,” says Valdez. “No other solution allows them to do that with as much ease as Forefront.”

Expands Growth Potential, Competitive Advantage

With the growing interest in Forefront Client Security, Axiltia looks forward to increasing business opportunities in Latin America. The company has already demonstrated to its customers the benefits of using Forefront Security products, and it is confident that adding a client security solution will help it win new business. “We already deliver server-based security solutions to customers throughout Mexico, and it makes sense to expand our role in the market with Forefront Client Security.” Now the company is more competitive says Valdez, because “we can offer a comprehensive security solution from the network edge to client devices.”

Improves Efficiency

Because Forefront Client Security takes advantage of tools such as Windows Server Update Services and Microsoft System Center infrastructure, customers require less support. For instance, the customer’s own employees can make policy changes and manage signature updates. As a result, the customer can reduce costs and Axiltia can focus more on delivering new solutions. “By implementing Microsoft Forefront Client Security, we help our customers be more self-sufficient,” says Valdez. “They can invest in our services for new projects instead of for managing existing implementations.”

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Axiltia Consulting Technologies is a Microsoft® Certified Partner that specializes in IT security solutions. Based in Mexico, Axiltia has customers in a variety of industries throughout Latin America.


Axiltia implemented Microsoft Forefront™ Security products to help protect its customers’ messaging and collaboration systems. It lacked a comparable product for improving security on client devices.


To offer customers a more comprehensive security solution, Axiltia became an early adopter of Microsoft Forefront Client Security. The solution integrates with Microsoft System Center products.

  • Increases profits by 30 percent
  • Simplifies management
  • Expands growth potential, competitive advantage
  • Improves efficiency

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