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Temenos Bank Software Firm Wins Customers with Graphical BI and Self-Service Reporting

Global banking software company Temenos has become more competitive by using current Microsoft technology to develop more innovative and sophisticated reporting capabilities. By taking advantage of graphical visualization functionality in SQL Server 2012, Temenos is better positioned than ever to provide a functionally rich business intelligence solution.

Business Needs

Temenos is the market-leading provider of banking software systems to retail, corporate, universal, private, Islamic, and microfinance and community banks. The company provides prepackaged business intelligence (BI) and core banking solutions with out-of-the-box functionality and a standardized data model designed specifically for banking. Bank IT departments are likely to opt for a standardized prepackaged model, because these offerings are quicker, cheaper, and less risky to implement than solutions that must be built from scratch.

* With SQL Server 2012 data visualization capabilities on a SharePoint site, users can transform the way they interact with their data by using animations to highlight trends and anomalies. *

Graham Goble
Product Director for Business Intelligence

In order to remain at the forefront of the market, Temenos decided to extend its BI offering to include rich data visualization capabilities, which are increasingly important in today’s bank software marketplace. “There are a lot of developments around dashboard technologies because BI buying decisions are increasingly driven by end users, who want to visualize and interact with the data,” says Graham Goble, Product Director for Business Intelligence, Temenos.

Temenos also wanted to combine better data visualization with the ability to process large volumes of data quickly, so that bank analysts could do more of the data-querying work themselves. If analysts have clear graphical reports and the ability to run large data queries themselves, they could answer their own questions without needing to engage bank BI specialists or IT staff. That would help banks analyze data more quickly and use staff more efficiently.


To meet its data visualization and performance needs, Temenos decided to become an early adopter of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 data management software. A primary reason for moving to SQL Server 2012 was that Temenos solutions already run on SQL Server 2008 R2 and are compatible with other Microsoft products, so upgrading within the Microsoft family of products would not require major architectural changes.

The upgrade to SQL Server 2012 Enterprise began in mid-2011 and was implemented both in the Temenos Insight solution for business intelligence and in the TEMENOS T24 (T24) core banking solution for managing customer accounts, transactions, and interest calculations. The switch to SQL Server 2012 went very smoothly, and by the time SQL Server 2012 was globally released in March 2012, Temenos had an upgraded BI solution ready to take to market.

The BI solution runs SQL Server on the Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise operating system. The solution includes Microsoft Excel 2010 spreadsheet software and the rest of Microsoft Office 2010 plus a Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 portal. For data visualization, it uses the Power View feature in SQL Server 2012 Reporting Services, which presents data in graphical charts that are easy to understand and manipulate. To help analysts run their own queries without involving IT staff, the solution includes Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for Microsoft Excel, allowing manipulation of massive amounts of data. Both the Insight and T24 solutions use xVelocity in-memory technologies in SQL Server 2012 to greatly accelerate queries.

For implementation and customization of the solution, banks work with a Temenos partner like Altius Consulting, the Temenos Insight partner in the United Kingdom and Channel Islands.

Recent Temenos and Microsoft benchmark results in November 2011 showed record results for T24 core banking data operations running on a prerelease version of SQL Server 2012. At peak performance, the system processed 11,500 transactions per second in online business testing and averaged more than 10,000 interest accrual and capitalizations per second during close-of-business testing. It processed 25 million capitalizations and account accruals in less than 42 minutes. The testing showed a near-linear scalability of 95 percent as the number of agents was increased.


With SQL Server 2012, Temenos is offering customers improved self-service capabilities and rich data visualizations in its BI solutions. In addition, its solutions include accelerated data queries and better disaster recovery features, all of which makes the company’s offerings more competitive.

Visualization Powers Self-Service BI

Improved visualization and self-service capabilities have enhanced users’ experience with Temenos products. “With SQL Server 2012 data visualization capabilities on a SharePoint site, users can transform the way they interact with their data by using animations to highlight trends and anomalies,” Goble says. “They can drill through the data and discover more. Which is what self-service BI is all about: performing ad hoc inquiries directly, making the whole analytical experience richer.”

Self-service business intelligence capabilities can help banks improve organizational performance, too. “We have documented cases of business processes, like analyzing customer segments, which previously took hours or days and that now happen in minutes,” Goble says.

Better Performance Helps IT Staff

In addition to enhancing visualization, SQL Server 2012 improves the performance of Temenos BI solutions. “SQL Server 2012 provides important improvements in terms of query speeds, disaster recovery, database mirroring, and resilience,” Goble says. “They’re fundamental features which are central to the technology and implementation—with the overall objective being to increase performance and provide a robust BI solution for banks.”

Capabilities Improve Competitiveness

By implementing SQL Server 2012 technologies in its solutions, Temenos has become even more competitive in the banking software marketplace.

“Now we have SharePoint Server 2010 to host our new capabilities, Power View to support graphical self-service reports, and SQL Server 2012 PowerPivot for Excel for analyzing large amounts of data. Combine those capabilities with the faster querying provided by xVelocity, and we really have a solution that makes us much more competitive.” Goble says.

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Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Temenos develops core banking software, with over 1,500 customer deployments in more than 125 countries.

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