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Akhil Systems Pvt. Ltd. Healthcare Solution Brings Efficiency, Reduces Delays and Improves Patient Care

Akhil Systems, a vertical specialist in the healthcare industry has developed numerous solutions to meet the growing demands of healthcare providers from hospitals to nursing homes, and pharmacies. The company’s Hospital Information System (HIS) built on Microsoft products and technologies including Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft .NET Framework provides a robust, scalable and secure solution for hospitals of all sizes. With continuous technology refreshes, Akhil Systems constantly upgrades the solution, incorporating new features and functionality for front office to administration, purchase, inventory, pharmacy, billing and most importantly clinical processes. Improved hospital efficiency, quicker decisions, higher patient satisfaction, with wait time cut by 80-85 percent, makes it a popular choice. Today, the Akhil Systems has over 120 hospitals using its HIS solution.

* HIS delivers unmatched bundle of benefits and helps to improve hospital efficiency, increases patient satisfaction by reducing wait time up to 80 percent. *

Sanjay Kumar Jain
Managing Director
Akhil Systems Pvt. Ltd.


Established in 1994, Akhil Systems Pvt. Ltd. (Akhil Systems) is a market leader in healthcare IT software and solutions. It delivers total health care solutions for hospitals, nursing homes and diagnostic centers. It also offers end-to-end solutions for the pharmaceutical industry for its warehouse and retail chain.

Headquartered in New Delhi with branch offices in Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore in India and United States, Bahrain, Dubai and Dhaka overseas, the company has created a strong market presence with a customer base of over 120 large hospitals.

With more than 15 years of experience in healthcare industry, Akhil Systems understands challenges and issues faced by the administrators, doctors and technicians. Better, efficient management and cost effective solutions are its core strength. Akhil Systems adapts the latest technologies to offer proven, standard solutions at affordable cost to its customers.

Akhil Systems solutions for the healthcare industry include Hospital Information System (HIS), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Laboratory Information System (LIS), and Radiology Information System (RIS) for hospitals, nursing homes, diagnostic centers and pharmacies.


With genesis in the healthcare solutions business, Akhil Systems developed an innovative technology solution, Hospital Information System (HIS). While keeping its commitment to use standard technologies, components, methodologies for integration, which support faster deployment and lower-cost, as well as pay-as-you-go pricing. It took initially three years to develop the basic HIS system to meet out the requirements of all the hospitals on DOS based platform. Later, it was developed using Microsoft technology. It is continuously upgraded to the new technology introduced by Microsoft from time to time.

At present two versions are available for the clients. One is client server architecture and other is web based EMR System for the doctors, which is launched in United States. The client server version is fully implemented in the hospitals. It can be implemented in any hospital with bed strength from 50 to 1000 beds.

* With improved flow of information, HIS backs up as a decision support system for the hospital administrators. It also allows the management to develop comprehensive healthcare policies. *

Sanjay Kumar Jain
Managing Director
Akhil Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Sanjay Kumar Jain, Managing Director, Akhil Systems says, “We realized in medical and healthcare industry, off-the-shelf solutions are not adequate. There are always some custom features required to suit individual clinical practices. Hence, we designed HIS with an open architecture, enabling quick customization.”

Akhil Systems’ HIS is a standard GUI solution on Windows platform designed for medium to large hospitals. The integrated modules of this solution have been developed using Microsoft Technologies such as Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Visual Basic. NET 2008, ASP.NET, C# and Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 to work on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or Microsoft Windows Server 2008 platform. The reports are developed using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services.

Simple and self-explanatory user interface screen helps ensure fast and easy data entry. Implementation of Microsoft SQL Server Constraints help the product achieve data integrity. In addition to the reporting requirements of the product, SQL Server Reporting Services is used to create MIS dashboard with graphical presentation of both, drill down and drill through data. The use of SQL Server Reporting Services eases the task of report deployment as against any other reporting tool.

The HIS solution is robust with guaranteed uptime of 99 percent. It is installed on the client’s premises. With more than 35 fully integrated modules, appealing features give instant information to the management. The centralized database architecture ensures high-speed access to information.

“Quick deployment, simplicity to learn and operate and a familiar user interface based on Microsoft technologies allows quick user adoption and reduces the need for training,” says Rekha Takkar, Director, Akhil Systems.

The Microsoft platform offers security and data integrity. The HIS modules are enabled with user-level access, which allows for additional security layers. Rekha continues, “Reliability and foolproof data integrity are added advantages that go hand in hand with this solution.”

The solution ensures seamless operations across the departments whether its front office, accounts, human resource, inventory, out/in patients, purchase etc. It streamlines treatment flow, allowing doctors and staff to perform to their peak ability.

The flexibility to quickly customize the solution enhances customer satisfaction. In addition, the HIS is capable of migrating legacy applications without disrupting hospital functions. Paperless patient records, e-prescriptions and back office records are key innovation.

The solution also interfaces with laboratory equipment. It ensures that no manual entries are required. All readings are sent to the HIS, which enables the doctor to access the information at the point of care. With Picture Archival Communication System (PACS) the physicians can view the patient radiology images online.

Integration with barcodes allows efficient stock management, drug management and patient tracking.

From an IT administration perspective, remote management allows the support and maintenance services to be carried out online without disturbing patient care.


Akhil Systems’ Hospital Information System is designed to deliver benefits to hospitals and clinics. It ensures high performance standards with operational ease and improved clinical practices. It introduced state-of-the-art computerized filmless and paperless hospital management and information system with web enabled clinical workflow.

“Flexibility, scalability and robustness have made our HIS popular from small 20-bed hospitals to large, multi specialty hospitals with 1800 beds. Today, the solution is deployed in over 120 hospitals,” states Naeem Ahmad, Business Development Manager, Akhil Systems.

Reduces Patient Wait Time

Online storage, updates and retrieval of patient information eliminates physical movement of reports, and documents across the hospital. Availability of online medical records means a doctor can access the information at any point of care in the hospital. This reduced the patient’s wait time be it for appointment, billing station or at the pharmacy. “Our goal is to enable hospitals to cut patient wait time at the time of discharge by 80-85 percent from 2 hours to 15-20 minutes. And our clients have acknowledged this,” states Rekha Takkar, Director, Akhil Systems.

Consolidates Financial Data

The HIS is designed to manage the medical processes and administrative, financial and legal aspects of the healthcare business. It reconciles accounts at any given point of time; captures OPD and IPD patient registrations and billing records; daily and monthly collections etc.

For the pharmacy and store operations, it tracks item-wise sales, inventory as well as all transactions. In addition, audit trail facilitates verification of entries.

The solution also covers the financial transactions with the insurance companies. It tracks insurance requirements to facilitate insurance billing.

Eases Decision Making

Access to financial and performance indicators help the management to track resources, costs and margins. Real-time reports track patient statistics, doctor performance, department performance as well as hospital performance. With this information, management decision-making abilities are enhanced. “With improved flow of information, HIS backs up as a decision support system for the hospital administrators and allows the management to develop comprehensive healthcare policies,” tells Sanjay Kumar Jain, Managing Director, Akhil Systems.

Improves Security, Control

A three level system security features for defining the users access rights ensure confidentiality of sensitive patient records, accounts records and staff confidential performance reports. The advanced role-based access model and architecture incorporates a flexible security matrix defining the users and their permissions within each module. This ensures that only care providers with the appropriate authorization have access to patient information.

“Our HIS connects people, processes and data in real time across the hospital on a single platform,” concludes Sanjay Kumar Jain, Managing Director, Akhil Systems. “It delivers unmatched bundle of benefits and helps to improve hospital efficiency, increases patient satisfaction by reducing wait time up to 80 percent.”

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Akhil Systems, a professional software company specializes in healthcare and medical software across a broad spectrum of healthcare providers. It employs over 100 people.


Akhil Systems, a specialist, wanted to offer a comprehensive solution to manage all aspects of running a hospital.


Akhil Systems upgraded its existing Hospital Information System to the latest technologies from Microsoft. This resulted in a powerful, integrated solution, which automates hospital administration, clinical and management processes.


  • Reduces patient wait time
  • Consolidates financial data
  • Eases decision making
  • Improves security, control

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