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Adeneo Embedded Adeneo Embedded Helps Partners “Master All Elements of Development”

Bridge the gap with a Windows Embedded Gold Partner

The market for smart, connected, service-oriented devices continues to boom. There is a growing consumer expectation that even a large system will have points of entry through handheld devices. While an experienced enterprise system integrator (ESI) is fluent in desktop and server development, many Microsoft partners find that bringing in the specialized development knowledge of a Microsoft® Windows® Embedded partner results in more robust system development. Learn how a recent collaboration expanded business opportunities for two Microsoft partners.

Forging alliances

Recently, a European enterprise system integrator called on Adeneo Embedded to collaborate on a large building automation project. This company had won a bid to create supervision systems for building automation, including heating and security systems. The ESI handled development and installation of the large system, including allowing for a direct connection from the building systems to the Internet to provide real-time reporting back to the management company. Adeneo developed the Windows Embedded client devices that provided data about the building to the supervision system and allowed the building’s systems to be accessed remotely. For Adeneo Embedded, the project covered the integration of the Windows Embedded client devices into the overall system—as well as development on the client device, including driver development, application development, data management, and interface with sensors and other hardware peripherals.

Because the ESI was already an Adeneo Embedded customer, it was an easy alliance. “They identified us as a strong technical expert and they wanted us to help with part of the design,” says CEO Yannick Chammings. “It’s a partner-level relationship. At the initial stages, it’s a lot of architecture with both sides participating.” Chammings notes that because of the close partner relationship the two companies already shared, Adeneo Embedded was able to work with the end customer to validate system-level assumptions and ensure that the project worked to everyone’s satisfaction.

Creating a win-win-win situation

When Windows Embedded and Microsoft Partner Network partners work together, the benefits extend all the way to the customer, according to Chammings: “The final customer benefits by getting the best of two worlds. They get complete development as well as expertise in specific fields such as Windows Embedded.” It’s also a key differentiator when submitting large bids. Says Chammings: “By partnering with a [Windows Embedded partner], they tell the customer that they have all the elements of development fully in their control. The fact that we have expertise in developing for Windows devices helps the ESI or Microsoft Partner Network partner secure the deal and brings confidence to the end customer. They also know that they have a strong partner who will help them identify the right architecture, the right system, and who will help them to the end.”

* The final customer benefits by getting the best of two worlds. They get complete development as well as expertise in specific fields such as Windows Embedded.*

Yannick Chammings

CEO, Adeneo Embedded


Chammings notes that “developing an embedded device is a specialization. You have to deal with memory constraints and power consumption constraints that are quite far from the concerns of a non-embedded device. Companies that don’t usually develop Windows Embedded devices may not be able to secure the architecture. A good example is looking at something like the capabilities of Windows Embedded CE to work with Microsoft SilverlightTM—it’s different than developing for Windows on the desktop. It requires Silverlight understanding and also Windows Embedded understanding.”

By participating in both the Microsoft Partner Network and the Windows Embedded Partner Program, Adeneo Embedded is able to bridge the gap between standard Windows development and architecture and Windows Embedded development.

Chammings lauds the ease of integration of a Windows Embedded device with Windows servers and systems, and notes that with the similar development environments, “you can have development of a user experience that is comprehensive, whether you’re working with Windows Embedded CE or Windows 7.”

Additional benefits to specifications

As a Windows Embedded specialist, Adeneo Embedded has also had the opportunity to train others. The company is an official Windows Embedded Training Partner and delivers award-winning training to Microsoft partners to help them acquire initial competency in Windows Embedded. “Since Windows Embedded training is so specific,” says Chammings, “we help them understand customer needs, and we position ourselves as able to provide the top-level expertise. It’s really about training and support as well as collaboration.” 

* It’s really about training and support as well as collaboration.*

Yannick Chammings

CEO, Adeneo Embedded


Make your own connection

Getting ready to embark on an embedded development project? Or would you like to highlight your own expertise with Windows Embedded development? Visit the Windows Embedded Partner Community to learn more about Windows Embedded technologies and to find embedded training and events near you. The Windows Embedded Partner Program can help you find a partner or help you become one. Learn more about the Windows Embedded Partner Program. Read Adeneo Embedded’s Windows Embedded partner profile.


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A Microsoft Partner and Windows Embedded Gold Partner, Adeneo Embedded is a systems integrator focusing on the development of complete embedded systems based on the Windows Embedded and Windows Mobile® operating systems. Its worldwide client base develops solutions for various markets, including automotive, consumer,  and medical. Founded in 1990, Adeneo Embedded, a subsidiary of Adetel Group, has offices in North America and Europe.

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