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The Microsoft Innovation Cluster for Embedded Software (ICES) aims to develop embedded technology software solutions and prototypes that will reflect future innovative products and services that will be commonplace beyond 2020.
Started in 2006 and already running for five years Switzerland’s top two universities of technology invited submissions for innovative research projects in the field of embedded software specifically targeting innovative applications that will improve many aspects of day to day life.

The aim of ICES is to foster close cooperation and knowledge transfer between the universities and the private sector (Microsoft as well as other industry partners). Microsoft wants to actively support upcoming youth and education in Switzerland and contribute widely to cutting-edge ICT research.

The first round of ICES has now completed with seven highly successful projects concentrating on security, reliability, powerful computer processing and Human Computer Interaction.

Their brief titles follow:

  • EPFL : ProgLab.NET: Quality / Reliability of Embedded Software
  • EPFL : Failure Immunity for Embedded Software in Consumer Devices
  • EPFL : Soft Integration of Hard Real-Time Capabilities in C#
  • EPFL : Efficient symmetric cryptographic capabilities for emb. devices
  • ETHZ : Supercomputer in the Pocket
  • ETHZ : A Virtual OSGi Infrastructure for Embedded Software Systems
  • ETHZ : Multi-Object Motion Grouping for Embedded Computer Vision

Now ICES Round 2 has begun and Five projects have been given the green light. Whereas Round 1 Projects concentrated on embedded systems the second round now also focuses on how these systems will interact with the Cloud and encourages the integration of Cloud related service products.

  • EPFL : Development and use of an energy profiler
  • ETHZ : Cloud assisted super computer (in the Pocket)
  • ETHZ : Controllable privacy for cloud enabled embedded software services
  • ETHZ : TouchBoost - cloud based static analysis for mobile devices
  • ETHZ : HyCloud - hybrid opportunistic online cloud networking
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