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The Innovation Cluster for Embedded Software is fostering cutting-edge Information and Communications Technology (ICT) research. Its project portfolio covers a wide variety of topics within the Embedded Software field. Programming Tools and Programming Languages, Runtime Systems, Software Lifecycle Management and enabling applications are covered.

Programming Tools and Languages

Runtime Systems
  • The co design of a massively parallel Supercomputer, a Runtime System and a Programming Language for embedded systems with an emphasis on “high-performance computing for safety critical applications” is a project's commitment.

  • Another project copes with failure immunity, a technique that enables embedded software in consumer devices to learn from past failures and become incrementally more reliable after every failure.

Software Lifecycle Management
  • A project will extrapolate the concepts and ideas behind the OSGi model to make them language and platform independent, fully service oriented, and the basis for programming distributed software on embedded devices.

Enabling applications
  • Cryptographic Ciphers will be reviewed. The foremost quality criteria regarding ciphers are: reliability, power efficiency, and speed. But attention will also be paid to compactness of the software and its resistance to side-channel attacks.

  • Computer Vision for power restricted embedded devices is the second topic: The main goal of this project is to develop novel algorithms that automatically detect and segment multiple simultaneously moving objects in video images.

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