Microsoft Switzerland .NET Innovation Award Winners 2010

TechDays 10 opened with the .NET Swiss Innovation Awards, and for the first time, enriched with the .NET Swiss Innovation Award – Start-up of the Year. The submitted applications excelled with beautifully visualized user interfaces, which defines a clear trend in IT. The last two years of the .NET Swiss Innovation Award has given us a strong confirmation about the exceptionally skilled teams located in Switzerland and their ability to developed great solutions.

The wide range of application types was fascinating; with everything from highly mathematical single-user engineering applications, such as GARAtre for Garaventa, right through to online TV from Swisscom for the general public. With this in mind, the Swiss Microsoft DPE Team would like to say "Thank You!" to all the great Microsoft developers in Switzerland and in particular to these wonderful award-winner teams that were able to build extremely innovative, highly qualitative, complex but user-friendly solutions and products.

In addition to awarding the winners, we would also like to express our gratitude to a few participants for submitting some great applications that deserve at least a "Laudation".

The five «Microsoft .NET Swiss Innovation Award 2010» winners

Project: Swisscom TV air
Contractor: Monostream GmbH
Client: Swisscom AG

Swisscom TV air brings television to the mobile phone and the computer, mostly developed on Microsoft’s latest technologies for Media streaming and protection. The Silverlight based product was successfully launched at the end of March and offers internet radio, Live TV and video on demand in HD quality in H.264 - within the browser on both Windows and Mac OS. IIS Smooth Streaming, Silverlight, and PlayReady DRM technologies enabled Swisscom to build a stylish and comfortable user experience, ready for a wide consumption.


Project: KUBA
Contractor: CADRZ IT Solutions
Client: Federal Roads Office (FEDRO)

On behalf of the Federal Roads Office (FEDRO) the project KUBA 5.0 for the management of civil engineering works has been launched. With its ability to visualize civil engineering works by means of a drawing or even a 3D model, its ability to place findings on sketches or to generate schematic diagrams, KUBA is a future-oriented product which fully meets the requirements of modern infrastructure management software for civil engineering works. To guide users most intuitively through the complex software, XAML / WPF has been selected for this project. Thanks to WPF, a user interface was designed to support ergonomically and efficiently both beginners, but also experts in their daily work. The software, based on Microsoft's technologies, is on its way to establish itself as a nationwide standard and to break into the international market.

"The advertisement of the KUBA project (software for the management of civil engineering works) contained high technical requirements for the software and the needs from various groups of users had to be considered. Already in the phase of advertisement, CADRZ IT Solutions decided to use WPF and Silverlight for the design of the graphical user interface. Thanks to the possibilities of WPF a modern user interface and a sophisticated user guideline could be realized, which covers optimally all the manifold requirements of an efficient infrastructure management and fulfill the high demands for graphics (sketches, 3D models)."

Robert Bätschmann, COB, CADRZ IT Solution

Project: dialogik Memory
Contractor: Dialogik AG
Client: Standardsoftware

dialogik Memory is an enterprise resource planning system (ERP) which is targeting service oriented companies, primarily tax-consultants. The high-performance software comes up with a localized user interface and supports multi-users sharing live data. Due to sensitive information usually managed by ERP systems, the software secures and encrypts data on the client, server and during data transfer, including a user rights management system – built on WIF, with its federated and claims-based security features. WPF delivers a rich interactive user interface with a layout which is even suitable for touchscreens. Thanks to Windows Azure AppFabric, the application services can be exposed in the cloud and dialogik Memory becomes accessible from everywhere. No matter if stand-alone workstations or even enterprise servers (WAN) are planned, just a small single installation package is used for deployment.

"Thanks to the latest Microsoft technologies, we were able to create a powerful hybrid application which enabled new application scenarios to our customers. The support of – never, sometimes to always connected to the internet – is a challenge for the architecture of standard application. The extensive Microsoft .NET Framework with WCF/WIF and the Windows Azure AppFabric ServiceBus enriches developers with new dimensions."

Christoph Brändle, dialogik software

Project: GARAtre
Contractor: bbv Software Services AG
Client: Garaventa AG

GARAtre is a physical modeling application used to layout and dimension aerial tramway systems. It is typically used by aerial tramway engineers in the field as a single-user application. The project nicely demonstrates the usage of .NET / C# in a real-world, regulated and safety-critical environment. The combination of a user-friendly and intuitive UI with complex physical modeling algorithms and automatic verification of regulatory engineering standard fulfillments makes this an outstanding example of an innovative use of Microsoft technologies. Windows Presentation Foundation enables the development team to deliver dynamic user interfaces and based on the Team Foundation Server the correctness of the calculations of the physical models are ensured.

"From the outset it was clear that GARAtre is an exceptional project. On the one hand there is the complexity of the algorithms used to model the physical behavior of complete aerial tramway systems. On the other hand a key requirement is to provide the engineers working with the application an easy user interface to reduce the risk of mistakes in this safety-critical domain. We have been able to fulfill these seemingly contradictory requirements by using .NET / C# to implement the physical model and WPF to create a simple yet powerful user interface."

Dr. Alan Ettlin, Project leader / Analyst, bbv Software Services AG

Project: Board 7
Contractor: Board International SA
Client: ISV Solution

Thanks to its innovative toolkit approach, BOARD makes it possible to create customized Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) solutions without the need for any programming. From simple reports to the most sophisticated performance management applications, any analysis can be easily built using the drag and drop function and the configuration of objects that are automatically synchronized with the data. End-users have access to a full “self-service” information environment, which enables them to obtain immediate answers to their questions from a verified, consistent, shared information source. The project is based on Microsoft WPF, WCF, Silverlight and is delivered with powerful, highly configurable addins for Office.

"The adoption of WPF, Silverlight and VSTO are allowing us to make the difference in a challenging environment where interactive visualization and user experience are key elements. As consequence BOARD resolves to be not just one of the most innovative Performance Management and Business Intelligence products on the market, but also a platform capable of exploiting all the potential of the extended Microsoft environment from Office to SQL, from .NET to Analysis Services."

Salvatore Capuano, Board International SA

Winner of the «Microsoft .NET Swiss Innovation Award 2010 – Start-up of the Year»

Project: athlosoft
Contractor: T2BEAM Technologies AG
Client: T2BEAM Technologies AG

T2BEAM Technologies AG, supported by the BizSpark Startup programm, won the first .NET Swisss Innovation Award – Start-up of the Year. Their software athlosoft enriches smartphones from being solely a communication device and making it into an essential sport training companion. It delivers mobile phone based solution to outdoor sport enthusiasts with functionalities previously available only to professional athletes. Key benefits for the consumers are ease of use, easy analysis, ability to connect to industry standard sensors, true multi-sport, and multi-athlete capabilities, true indoor training capability for running and cycling, training data always available directly on the mobile phone, and 3D live tracking and data telemetry capability. It provides athletes the ability to plan, measure, display, and analyze high quality performance data during or after the training or competition, without needing any laptop or desktop computer. Simultaneously, coaches, friends or family members can track and see the performance data of the athlete as well.

"In order for athletes to use a smartphone-based user interface, it must be intuitive and at the same time combine various features. To develop a modern, attractive and stable user interface with very little effort is also a business requirement. The .NET Compact Framework and Visual Studio 2008 technologies supported us to smoothly collaborate between developers and designers."

Hans Limacher, CEO / Partner, T2BEAM Technologies AG


This year special thanks go to three additional participants whose projects aren’t among the top five, but we have noticed a very high quality and innovation in their submitted solution and we think their project deserves a laudation.

  • Project: MatchPoint Release 2.0 – The Semantic Solution Framework for SharePoint
    Contractor: itsystems AG
    Client: itsystems AG
  • Project: Ausstellungssoftware Kleintiere Schweiz
    Contractor: Adwise GmbH
    Client: Kleintiere Schweiz
  • Project: SwissChecklist
    Contractor: 2sic Internet Solutions GmbH
    Client: 2sic Internet Solutions GmbH