MSDN Flash - April 4, 2011 - Volume 15, Number 6

April 04, 2011 - Volume 15, Number 6

Ken Casada

Dear readers,

In mid-March Microsoft announced the availability of the Beta 2 of Visual Studio LightSwitch - a tool for developing data centric Silverlight based business applications for the desktop and the cloud.
As a Rapid Application Tool, LightSwitch can dramatically decrease the time it takes to build a custom application by automatically handling routine code and letting developers focus on the custom logic that makes applications unique.

Applications created with LightSwitch can be attached to existing data sources including Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Azure, SharePoint and other third party data sources. And thanks to a flexible extensibility mechanism, you can use custom controls or themes and completely change the look and feel of your application.

In order to start leveraging Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 2, developers will first need to upgrade to Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) RTM (Beta 1 needs to be uninstalled). The Beta 2 release includes performance update, improved publishing to Windows Azure and SQL Azure and comes with a GoLive license, which means you can now start using LightSwitch for production projects. Short note: Beta 1 projects will not work anymore in LightSwitch Beta 2; but don’t worry, this will not occur again between Beta 2 and the final version.

Some links you may find useful:
» Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch Beta 2 Download
» LightSwitch MSDN page
» Visual Studio LightSwitch Training Kit Beta 2
» Visual Studio LightSwitch Team Blog
» Visual Studio LightSwitch Forums


Have fun with LightSwitch!

Ken Casada
Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Switzerland GmbH

Top News

Service Pack 1 for Expression Web 4
Service Pack 1 for Expression Web 4 is now been available as a free download. The Service Pack not only provides Expression users with the obligatory bug fixes and improved stability and performance, but also a range of interesting and useful updates and expansions. This includes support for HTML5 and CSS3, expands support for PHP, and enhanced SuperPreview.

Cloud Services - Windows Intune available immediately
Windows Intune is a solution which combines cloud services for PC management and protection against malicious software with a Windows 7 Enterprise upgrade subscription. Windows Intune can be run via a Web-based console. Since March 23, Intune has been available for customers to purchase or try out as a thirty-day free trial. Technical information in German is available in the TechNet Library.

Developer's CD on the topic of accessible programming
Brand new content is now available from the Accessibility Development Center. The main objective of this center is to explain to developers how they can make their applications accessible for people with disabilities. The results of a month-long project involving Microsoft experts from this field are now available to download free of charge as a CD image, packed with training documents and resources on this topic.

Attack Surface Analyzer - Quickly Evaluate Changes to the Windows Platform
The Attack Surface Analyzer Beta allows you to take and compare snapshots of your system, enabling you to detect changes that affect a computer's attack surface. Find more information under the Verification tab on the SDL tools site.

RIA Frameworks: Building Data-Centric Web Apps with ASP.NET MVC and Ext JS
JavaScript frameworks provide an alternative to plug-ins for rich web app front ends. We'll show you how to use the Ext JS library and ASP.NET MVC to quickly build a robust data-centric solution.

Windows Touch 101 in C++/Win32
These videos and accompanying simple code samples demonstrate how to program Windows touch applications in Win32 using GDI for drawing and C++ as the underlying programming language.
Developer Resources
Swiss Events
The Future of the Web Is at MIX11
12.04. - 14.04.2011 | Las Vegas
Join the 72-Hour Conversation at MIX - see the latest tools and technologies and draw inspiration from a professional community of your peers and experts. Get one hotel night free, while quantities last.
Developing Impossible - What’s possible in 24h?
13.04.2011 | Zürich
Do Rapid Application Development Tools live up to their expectations? In a 24h contest LightSwitch, Ruby On Rails and ASP.NET MVC 3 compete with each other. Retrospectively and shortened to 1.5h we show you the achievements and what lessons can be drawn. See which developer tools are suitable for which particular project.
DNUG: reactive programming with reactive extensions (Rx)
14.04.2011 | Ostermundigen
Reactive programming is a paradigm that is based on data flows and transmission of changes. Data flows can be formulated simply, usually declaratively, and a runtime automatically propagates changes throughout these data flows.
SQL Azure from A-Z
21.04.2011 | Wallisellen
This TechTalk is not only concerned with cloud theory, but also with the practical application of SQL Azure. We reveal how to design solutions, set up accounts and work environments and implement, start up and manage the application. You will then be ready for your first SQL Azure project.
TechDays 11 - Highway to Knowledge
05.04. – 06.04.2011 | Geneve
02.05. - 03.05.2011 | Basel

TechDays, the largest and most important Swiss Microsoft technology event will be held for the seventh time from May 2 to 3, 2011. Follow the “Highway to Knowledge” with us and look forward to extensive technical information and presentations on topical issues.
Ticino TechDays 11 in Lugano
10.05.2011 | Lugano, Gran Hotel Eden
For the sixth time we are happy to invite you to TechDays Ticino, where you will have the opportunity to get technical information about the latest Microsoft technologies and tools. Agenda and registration is now live!

Swiss Team Blog News
Debugger APIs: Writing an Extension for Debugging Tools for Windows
Learning how to debug is a crucial developer skill. Fortunately, Visual Studio provides great tools for helping you debug your code. We'll cover the basics of building a custom debugger extension so you can analyze dump files (and also live systems) with ease.

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MSDN Webcast: Security Talk: Using the Attack Surface Analyzer
By taking snapshots before and after an application is installed, Attack Surface Analyzer highlights weaknesses and security misconfigurations and generates a report listing changes to securable objects and the computers attack surface.
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