MSDN Flash - June 13, 2011 - Volume 15, Number 11

June 13, 2011 - Volume 15, Number 11

Ian Rothwell

Dear readers,

Before MSDN Flash goes on summer vacation until August, we have a major highlight to announce: last week, Microsoft officially presented the next version of its operating system – codenamed "Windows 8".

  The new user interface, which has been adapted to a large extent to touch-based devices, is quite impressive. Live tiles feature on the new Windows 8 interface, presenting significantly more information than the traditional icons by showing always up-to-date information from your apps.

A particularly attractive feature for developers is that the new shell can be programmed on the basis of HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, allowing the Web & Desktop to be merged completely. The 5-minute demo video demonstrates how quickly and smoothly this new, attractive OS runs.

A few hours later, the first Windows 8 ARM prototypes were revealed at Computex 2011 in Taipei. The ARM processors are designed for ultra-mobile devices with touch technology, such as tablets, slates and smartbooks. It should be noted, however, that despite the new UI, new form-factors and support for new generation of low-power CPU’s does make “Windows 8” look like a new OS, yet it will remain compatible with existing Windows 7 computers and applications.

Developers who are interested specifically in developing Windows 8 applications should visit the //Build/ Windows conference in Anaheim (USA) from September 13–16, 2011, which was announced at the same time. And/or come to the new and jam-packed Swiss TechDays again in Berne from October 20–21. Further information and schedule to follow.

As you can see, there will be plenty of new developments surrounding Microsoft after the summer vacation, and products such as Office365, Windows Azure, Windows Intune, Hyper-V and the Windows Phone Mango will not be standing still. If you want to stay in the loop before the next newsletter in early August, visit our MSDN portal, read our MSDN blog or simply follow us on Twitter!


Enjoy today’s MSDN Newsletter,

Ian Rothwell
Online Editor - Developer Platform, Microsoft Schweiz GmbH

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SPUGS: Meeting der SharePoint User Group Schweiz
14.06.2011 | Buchs SG
The SPUGS is holding its regular after-work get-together to exchange their experiences of the latest SharePoint developments. All interested parties and SharePoint experts are welcome, in the canteen at 2sic. Power supply and WLAN available.
MSDN ExpertTalk with David Chappell "Cloud Platforms Today: A Perspective"
21.06.2011 | Wallisellen
What is a cloud platform, anyway? What’s the real difference between Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS)? And how does the Windows Azure platform stack up against alternatives like Amazon Web Services, Google AppEngine, and the rest? In this presentation, David Chappell will examine these questions and others, providing a balanced perspective on cloud platforms today.
Microsoft @ Jazoon'11
21.06.2011 - 23.06.2011 | Zurich
Jazoon'11 - The International Conference on the Modern Art of Software, will be the biggest Jazoon ever with app. 100 sessions. The new Jazoon concept has broader scope including also tracks hosted by Microsoft and SET. Microsoft@Jazoon presents 28 sessions covering themes such as Web, Client, Cloud, Windows Phone 7 and Developer Tools with speakers varying from local experts to international stars like David Chappell. Ticket prices: 3-Day Pass 2240 CHF, 1-Day Pass 855 CHF. Request 15% discount code from Microsoft (1 per person for 100 quickest requestors).
Swiss Requirements Day 2011 – register now at a promotional rate!
22.06.2011 | Zurich
Microsoft is gold sponsor of the Swiss Requirements Day 2011, the still young platform for topics around professional requirements engineering. Whether you are looking for insights for practical experience, management topics or methodological trends, the Swiss Requirements Day program will have it all for you. We’d like to advert to the presentation of our partner alm Software Consulting AG about “Requirements Engineering in Lean Software Development Umgebungen” (German) – praxis oriented and competent.
MSDN TechTalk: Today and Tomorrow of Parallel Computing in .NET
23.06.2011 | Wallisellen
Multi-core processing is a growing industry trend. During this half a day event, Stephen Toub, a Principal Architect on the Parallel Computing Platform team at Microsoft, will show you how Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4 can help you in writing parallelized and concurrent applications. Stephen will also give you the latest insight on what are the technologies planned for future versions of the .NET framework that capitalize on this trend.
BUILD Windows – Register by August 1 and Save $500!
13.09.2011 - 16.09.2011 | Anaheim, California, US
BUILD is a new event that shows hardware and software developers how to take advantage of the future of Windows. Get insight on creating touch-centric user experiences and dynamic applications that leverage flexibility of the core of Windows. Learn how to create powerful new apps while retaining the ability to use your existing apps. See how web apps built using HTML5 and JavaScript have full access to the power of the PC. Explore how the full power of hardware-accelerated IE10 transforms your experiences with the web. See how the UI was designed to work seamlessly with a diversity of devices and form factors. BUILD is the first place to dive deep into the future of Windows. Register by August 1st and pay $1,595 instead of normal price of $2,095.

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