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Make Life More Interactive

Create your own tags and share your online world with others. Stick a Tag on anything. Link to your Facebook or Windows Live profile, Blog, Photo Album, Video, or anything else online. Put a Tag with your contact information on your business card. Add a tag to your event invite and everyone can easily load directions on their phone. Make it easy for others to stay connected with you.

Businesses can use tags to make anything interactiveŚconnecting with consumers instantaneously, in the real-world, on the device they carry everywhere. Deliver extraordinary digital experiences that connect consumers to every facet of your brand. Tag helps you to be smarter with your marketing budget in all phases of the funnel. Make your offline media more effective, more measurable, more immersive and more fun.

Get started today. During the beta, creating and using Tags are free. Just visit tag.microsoft.com on your PC.

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