Microsoft Tag Reader Online Help

Getting Started

The first time Microsoft Tag Reader is run on the handset the Quick Help Wizard is displayed to provide you with operational tips and guide you through features of the mobile application - see below for details.

To decode a Microsoft Tag simply launch the application from the Windows Start Menu and hover the camera phone over the barcode so that it appears within the red viewfinder. When the application can recognize a Tag the decode action will automatically occur.

Scanning/Snapping Tips

Position the barcode so that it is roughly centered in the image and fills approximately half the height or width of the camera viewfinder. Microsoft Tag Reader can recognize barcodes on printed media, digital displays and across a wide range of environmental conditions. Strong shadows or very low illumination lower the lock-on rate of scanning Tags so follow the following tips:

Changing the Action Behavior

The default behavior when snapping a Tag is to perform the action defined by the Tag creator which can include launching the browser, importing a business card, displaying a message or dialing the phone. The behavior can be changed by selecting the relevant menu item or by using the up/down/left/right navigation buttons. The current action behavior of the reader application is denoted by the green arrow around the icon.

Store a Tag

Microsoft Tag Reader can store a Tag so that is actionable later if you donít wish or have time to consume the interactive content at the time. Tags are stored in the History feature of Microsoft Tag Reader.

Share a Tag

Tags can also be shared with other people who may or may not have the Tag Reader application, depending on your handset capabilities you may be able to send this as an Email or SMS.

Tag Actions

The Microsoft Tag platform can invoke a variety of actions that the Tag publisher can wish the handset user to experience, including:

*Some carrier locked handsets may not have this capability

The latter three action types can also be protected with a password so that the content is only revealed if the handset user enters the correct password. When Microsoft Tag Reader encounters a password protected Tag then a Password prompt is displayed so the password can be specified.

An option in Settings allows you to determine whether you are prompted before each Tag action occurs.

Tag History

The History feature stores the previously snapped Tags in a known place so they can subsequently be actionable or deleted at a later date. Select the item in the list and then choose the relevant menu item.


Invokes the Tag action defined by the publisher


Deletes an individual item from the History list.

Delete All

Removes all items from the History list

Submit Report

For web page based actions the Microsoft Tag system prevents the resolution of known inappropriate sites. However if you encounter a Tag that you deem inappropriate you can report it to Microsoft by selecting the Submit Report menu item which will allow you to enter details.


The About form displays version information about the installed Tag Reader application

Quick Help

Quick Help provides you with operational tips and guides you through features of the mobile application

Online Help

Displays further Microsoft Tag application online help that goes into more details


Displays the Microsoft Tag online support page


Displays the Microsoft Tag online invite a friend to download Tag page


Displays the Settings dialog box which allows the user to configure certain behaviors of the application


Checks to see if there are any new Microsoft Tag Reader application updates available