Worker Process Isolation Mode in IIS 6.0 (IIS 6.0)

This section explains how use IIS Manager to configure Internet Information Services (IIS) to execute Web-based applications with IIS in worker process isolation mode.

This section includes the following information:

Configuring Application Pools in IIS 6.0: Explains the advantages of pooling application processes, and describes how to create and configure application pools.

Recycling Worker Processes with IIS 6.0: Describes how to configure IIS to periodically restart worker processes in an application pool.

Configuring Worker Processes for Idle Timeout: Describes how to configure idle process timeout, which is a resource management feature.

Processor Affinity: Explains the concept of process/processor affinity.

Configuring Web Gardens with IIS 6.0: Describes how to configure multiple application pools running under one worker process.

Application Pool Health: Explains the concepts of application pool health and health monitoring.

Configuring Health Monitoring: Describes how to enable IIS to monitor the health of each worker process.

Configuring Rapid-Fail Protection in IIS 6.0: Describes how to protect resources when the requests to a worker process fail rapidly.

Configuring Startup and Shutdown Time Limits: Explains how to configure a worker process to startup on demand when the first request for a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) is received.

Configuring Application Pool Identity with IIS 6.0: Describes the security considerations that are related to configuring the identity of an application pool.

Related Information

For an overview of IIS worker process isolation mode, see About Configuring Servers for Applications.

For information on configuring applications, see Configuring Applications in IIS 6.0.

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