NNTP Administration (IIS 6.0)

Newsgroups make it easy for users in your organization to engage in discussions on various topics with each other and with users outside of the organization. Whether enabling a departmental newsgroup or providing a full feed of Internet newsgroups, the principals of setting up a news server are the same.

This section includes the following information:

Creating NNTP Virtual Servers: Describes multiple-server strategies and how to create virtual Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) servers.

Creating Virtual Directories in IIS 6.0: Describes how to create and modify virtual directories.

Configuring NNTP Virtual Servers: Introduces the settings options for NNTP virtual servers.

Starting, Stopping, or Pausing NNTP Virtual Servers: Describes how to start, stop, and pause NNTP virtual servers and the difference between managing servers and services.

Starting, Stopping, or Pausing the NNTP Service: Describes how to start, stop, and pause NNTP services and how it differs from managing virtual servers.

NNTP Security: Introduces NNTP security concepts.

Managing Newsgroups: Introduces concepts in managing newsgroups including how to create, moderate, edit, delete, and configure them.

Configuring Expiration Policies: Describes how to set and modify newsgroup expiration policies.

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