Miscellaneous Errors (IIS 6.0)

This section includes troubleshooting information about miscellaneous errors.

File requests to UNIX or Linux server return wrong file or error

Cannot locate /Scripts or /Msadc directory

ISAPI filter does not show up as "loaded" in UI

During an upgrade to Windows Advanced Server, Limited Edition or to Windows Server 2003, Datacenter Edition, clustered IIS resources fail

When attempting to download a file from an FTP site that is hosted on IIS 6.0, a "File not found" or similar error is returned, and the file name in the error message contains a caret (^) character

Cannot make immediate request for a Web server certificate

When adding a new Web site, the Web site is not added, and the error message "No more memory is available for security information updates" is displayed (also, error 1131 might appear in the system Event Log)

Remote Desktop Connection shortcut does not appear on START menu and Remote tab does not appear on System Properties after upgrade from Windows 2000 with IIS

Warnings received on upgrade

Client certificate warnings on upgrade

Install certificate after deleting the pending certificate request

User receives ERROR_BAD_EXE_FORMAT on 64-bit Windows

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