URL Authorization in IIS 6.0 (IIS 6.0)

URL authorization helps simplify access management by authorizing user access to the URLs that comprise a Web application. IIS 6.0 works with Authorization Manager, a management tool available with the Windows Server 2003 operating systems, to implement IIS URL authorization. For information about Authorization Manager, see "Authorization Manager" in Help and Support Center for Windows Server 2003.

To use URL authorization in IIS 6.0 you must perform the following configuration tasks, in the order specified below:

Disabling Anonymous Access for an Application, Virtual Directory, or Web Site Describes how to disable anonymous access for applications, virtual directories, or Web sites that use URL authorization.

Enabling Wildcard Scriptmapping for an Application, Virtual Directory, or Web Site Describes how to enable the Urlauth.dll ISAPI interceptor.

Adding Urlauth.dll as a New Web Service Extension Describes how to add Urlauth.dll to the list of Web service extensions.

Creating an Authorization Policy Store in Authorization Manager Describes how to create a policy store in Authorization Manager for the URL.

Setting the Scope for the Application Describes how to set the scope for URL authorization.

Adding the IIS Worker Process to the Readers Role Describes how to configure the Readers role in Authorization Manager to accept the IIS worker process identity.

Setting Metabase Properties for URL Authorization Describes how to set IIS metabase properties to ensure that URL authorization works correctly.

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