Web Application Guide (IIS 6.0)

This section includes information about configuring Web applications using Microsoft® ASP.NET. In this section you will find information about configuration, security, and deployment.

This section includes the following information:

About the .NET Framework: Provides an introduction to the Microsoft .NET Framework.

About ASP.NET: Provides information on ASP.NET configuration, deployment, and security.

About ASP: Provides an overview of what is new in Microsoft Active Server Pages (ASP).

Related Information

For information on writing server-side scripts with ASP and creating ASP applications, see the Active Server Pages Guide on MSDN® Online or in the Internet Information Services (IIS) Software Development Kit (SDK).

Redirect Reference: This section explains how to format a server redirection correctly. For reference topics related to ASP, see the IIS Web Application Technology Reference section of the IIS Software Developer Kit (SDK).

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