IIS 6.0 Administration Scripts, Tips, and Tricks (IIS 6.0)

Day-to-day administration of Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 includes tasks such as creating and configuring Web and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) sites, managing server certificates, and backing up IIS–based content and configuration. To work more efficiently, you can perform most of these administration tasks programmatically and remotely, whether you are administering IIS in a single-site or multi-site environment.

Creating and Configuring a Site Programmatically

Creating a Web Site from a Template

Comparing Programmatic Administration Methods for IIS 6.0

Managing Server Certificates Programmatically

Managing IIS 6.0 Remotely

Scheduling IIS 6.0 Backups

Restarting and Alternatives to Restarting IIS 6.0

Additional Resources for IIS 6.0 Administration

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