SMTP Administration (IIS 6.0)

The Internet-standard Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) can be used to transport and deliver messages based on specifications in Request for Comments (RFC) 821 and RFC 822. The SMTP server also includes enhancements that build upon the basic delivery functions of the protocol. There are options available that give you control over the routing and delivery of messages, and that provide secure communications.

This section includes the following information:

Configuring SMTP Virtual Servers: Describes how to set an SMTP virtual server display name and the IP address/TCP port combination.

Starting, Stopping, or Pausing SMTP Virtual Servers: Introduces the concepts of starting, stopping, and pausing an SMTP virtual server and how it differs from the same actions on a service.

Starting, Stopping, or Pausing the SMTP Service: Describes the concept of multiple virtual servers and how to start, stop, or pause them individually.

Configuring Startup Settings: Describes how to configure the default state of the SMTP service at startup.

Setting Connections: Describes how to set incoming and outgoing connection limits.

Creating Additional SMTP Virtual Servers: Describes how to create new SMTP virtual servers.

Setting Up Virtual Servers for Clustering: Introduces the concept of clustered servers and how to configure virtual servers for that environment.

Enabling Protocol Logging: Describes how to enable logging in ASCII or ODBC formats.

SMTP Security: Introduces security and access concepts.

Delivering Messages: Describes the settings that determine how delivery occurs, including routing, transmission, and security options.

Managing Messages: Describes how to set connection limits to maximize performance, how to set limits for message size and number of recipients, and how to manage undeliverable messages.

LDAP Routing: Describes how to configure the SMTP service so that it will consult an LDAP server to resolve senders and recipients.

Monitoring Message Transactions: Describes four protocol log formats and how to implement them.

SMTP Domains: Introduces local and remote domain concepts.

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