Additional Resources for IIS 6.0 (IIS 6.0)

These resources contain additional information and tools related to this section.

Related Information

Analyzing Log Files for information about improvements to IIS logging, including centralized binary logging.

Common Administrative Tasks for information about how to perform frequently used administrative tasks.

Configuring Internet Sites and Services for information about configuring Web, FTP, NNTP, and SMTP sites and services.

IIS 6.0 Administration Scripts, Tips, and Tricks for information about configuring IIS programmatically. Includes steps for creating and configuring a site from a batch file.

IIS 6.0 Architecture for information about IIS 6.0 architecture as it pertains to the application isolation modes. Includes diagrams of how request processing occurs in worker process isolation mode and in IIS 5.0 isolation mode.

Managing a Secure IIS 6.0 Solution for information about improvements to IIS security.

Optimizing IIS 6.0 Performance for information about specific performance counters and tools for monitoring and tuning performance. Includes information about managing system resources, such as setting connection timeouts, configuring HTTP compression, and enabling bandwidth throttling.

Running IIS 6.0 as an Application Server for information about installing IIS 6.0, choosing and configuring an application isolation mode, using health monitoring features and application pools, and managing Web server resources.

Troubleshooting IIS 6.0 for information about troubleshooting IIS, including HTTP status codes.

Web Server Scalability for information about improving scalability by optimizing IIS caches.

Working with the Metabase for information about editing, backing up, and importing and exporting the IIS 6.0 metabase.

IIS 6.0 Deployment Guide for information about deploying IIS 6.0.

Related IIS 6.0 Operations Guide Topics

Common Administrative Tasks in IIS 6.0 for detailed information about how to complete many of the tasks described in this section.

Enabling and Disabling Dynamic Content in IIS 6.0, which is accessible from IIS Manager, for information about enabling and disabling features in the Web Service Extensions list.

Frequently Asked Questions about IIS 6.0 for basic information about IIS 6.0.

Metabase Property Reference for reference information about metabase properties.

Server Administration Guide for information about administering IIS 6.0.

Site Setup for information about setting up IIS 6.0.

Web Application Guide for information about using ASP and ASP.NET with IIS 6.0.

Related Windows Server 2003 Help Topics

For best results in identifying Help topics by title, in Help and Support Center, under the Search box, click Set search options. Under Help Topics, select theSearch in title only check box.

Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0 overview in Help and Support Center for Windows Server 2003 for information about installing IIS 6.0.

Related Tools


Obtain syntax, parameters, and examples for using Adsutil.vbs to configure and manage IIS from IIS 6.0 Administration Scripts, Tips, and Tricks.

IIS 6.0 Resource Kit tools (IIS60rkt.exe)

Windows Support Tools

Obtain the Windows Support Tools by installing them from the \Support\Tools folder of the Windows Server 2003 operating system CD. See the Support Tools Help file for information about using these tools.

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